Gr 9 Solo Consent: June Trip Days 2021

Students who want to go out on a solo must have a signed and submitted consent form on file with IPS by Friday, June 11, 2021

Grade 9 SOLO CONSENT FORM June Trip Days 2021

Grade nine students have the option of going out on a solo camp on the evening of Tuesday, June 15, 2021. On the solo, students spend an extended period of time completely on their own. On Tuesday evening, June 15th, participating grade nine students will set up their own sleep-site approximately 30 metres apart on the grounds of Camp Bow-Isle on Bowen Island. All the students will be equipped with a tarp and sufficient line to fashion a makeshift tent, their sleeping bags, some emergency equipment and water. They will sleep alone overnight and gather together in the morning for breakfast. 3 staff members will be camped on the grounds along with the students, and will unobtrusively check up on the students throughout the experience. If a student wants to come off the solo, he or she simply walks to a staff tent.

The purpose of the solo experience is twofold. First, it offers the grade nine students one final challenge—spending an entire night alone in the forest. Secondly, and more importantly, it gives the grade nine students time to take stock, to contemplate some of what they experienced over the last several years at IPS and some of what they are likely to encounter in the future. Participating students will be given a letter and special instructions to guide them in their contemplation.

No student is required to go out on a solo, but we strongly encourage every student to try the experience. They will find it rewarding and memorable.

  • YYYY slash MM slash DD
  • I have read the information, reviewed the June Trip Days letter to parents and details provided on this consent form and have a clear idea of what is involved in the Solo experience.

    I hereby give full and informed consent for my/our child to participate in the solo camping experience on June 15, 2021. I understand that my son/daughter will spend the night alone in the forest and will be without direct supervision for 10-14 hours.