Smooth Stones Foundation Bursary

A small and independent school by definition will always rely on the generosity of its families, and the philanthropic heart of one particular Bowen family enabled the realization of Ted Spear’s dream of a school celebrating a liberal education.

Walt and Laura Ruloff created Smooth Stones Foundation back in the late 90’s to support projects that would leave a positive and lasting impact on their community.

“Our mission was to take care of the physical, the natural, the educational – all the ways to take care of the island, and to do it in a way that is gracious and quiet,” said Walt.

Since 2000, Smooth Stones Foundation has helped many new and existing charitable organizations foster what the five smooth stones represent — the spiritual, emotional, financial, educational and physical well-being of individuals and families with their community.

Every year Smooth Stones Foundation provides a generous bursary for Island Pacific School students in need of financial aid. Contact Head of School, Scott Herrington for more information.