Service is a foundation principle at Island Pacific School. We believe that service starts at home and school and spreads to the world around us.

The aim of the program is to instil a sense of citizenship and civic engagement in Island Pacific School students and, by extension, their families to act in response to the needs of a ‘community’. The community and service program at IPS is designed to focus on local, provincial, and global initiatives.

In order to make the experience meaningful for students, the community service program at Island Pacific School is partly guided by Community Service Learning, which is a teaching model that combines volunteer service with classroom learning.

In the School

  • House clean-up
  • In-house curators
  • Mentor program
  • Grade 9 assembly leadership

In the Bowen Community

Grade by grade community service happens six times per year or more. We gift a whole-school service day to the community every December.

  • Bowen Children’s Centre
  • Bowen Island Horse Owners & Riders Association (BIHORA)
  • Bowen Food Bank
  • Bowen Island Trail Society
  • Bowen Seniors Co-Op Housing Organization
  • Great Canadian Shoreline Clean up
  • Endswell Farm
  • Streamkeepers/Fish Hatchery
  • Collensia Community Farm

In Greater Vancouver 

Global Initiatives

  • Royal Seed Home Orphanage

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