Express the very best of what it means to be human

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Welcome to Island Pacific School, an independent middle school on Bowen Island, BC

island pacific school, independent middle school


Engineered: How we help lay the foundation for ever-increasing understanding and ability as an individual makes their way in the world.

island pacific school, bowen island.


Experiences: Show students how they can take responsibility for their own actions and progressively increase their own self-agency to become persons of character.

A Day at IPS

1st & 2nd Curriculum comprises a wide range of subjects. But a day at Island Pacific School is much more than a list of classes.

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Our program is developed to equip and inspire middle school kids to cultivate their humanity. IPS is distinctly different: a middle school with 64-72 kids taught by middle school experts.

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island pacific school, private middle school

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Discover what makes IPS Distinctly Different. Plan your visit.

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We are small by design and not trying to be bigger, we are trying to be better. Education has the power to change lives.

Wisdom. Courage. Integrity. Get to know Island Pacific School today.

Island Pacific School, is an independent non-profit middle school intentionally designed to help students develop, engage and contribute to the world around them at a pivotal time in their lives.  Providing a strong foundation for learning enables our students to live their best lives.

Our motto is Learning. To make a difference.