Island Pacific School is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year and we are thrilled to welcome web visitors to this site and by extension our beautiful home on Bowen Island. For the past quarter century IPS has been driven to ensure that the critical middle school years (grades 6-9) will be much more than just a way station enroute to high school, university or job. Our purpose is to ensure that student’s time here will make a lasting impact on the rest of their lives and allow them to express the very best of what it means to be human. As an IB World School, offering the Middle Years Programme (MYP), our “small by design” nature provides a unique opportunity to engage middle school students in the rich conversations of human inquiry as we stretch and challenge them. Our middle school team works daily to equip and inspire our students and cultivate their humanity at this pivotal point in their lives. 

Should you have any questions or an interest in visiting our school, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be thrilled to show you around our beautiful school and island home.

Scott Herrington, Head of School

Our Middle School Team

At IPS, our motto is Learning. To Make a Difference. Because Island Pacific School is small by design, our faculty and staff can make direct connections with each and every one of our middle school students.  Our middle school team believes this is how education should be done and this is how we can recognize the unique potential of every student at IPS.

Island Pacific School’s faculty and staff are selected with an eye for creating a team that shares in the school’s mission and core values. The middle school teachers at Island Pacific School come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wealth of world experiences which are shared as part of the collaborative effort to achieve the school’s open/responsible environment. And they are middle school experts.

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Or find out more about each member of our middle school team, below.

adrian van lidthe de Jeude, teacher

Adrian van Lidth de Jeude



Adrian is passionate about art, history, travel and the outdoors and brings his enthusiasm for these into the classroom. Adrian grew up on Bowen Island and is very pleased to be in his 9th year teaching at Island Pacific School.

BA – SFU, History and Education
IB-MYP – Level 1 certificate, Visual Arts
IB-MYP – Level 1& 2 Individuals & Societies


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amanda szabo, learning strategies lead

Amanda Szabo


Amanda moved to Bowen in September of 2000 and started her career in education. Since the turn of the century, Amanda has been a classroom teacher, run an ESL school, nearly completed her masters degree and learned a lot about learning. She’d also like to mention the three boys (Arthur, Leo and Oliver) that have joined her family since then.

Amanda has been an instructor at the Down Syndrome Research Foundation and a learning support teacher in the North Van School District. She brings a positive outlook, real world experience and a practical disposition to her work.

B.A. UBC Art History
PYP Level 1
M.Ed UNBC Special Education

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andrea earle, middle school teacher

Andrea Earle



Andrea hails from the east coast of New Brunswick but has been teaching internationally for the last 13 years. Andrea has travelled the globe, exploring numerous countries, and has worked at independent schools in: Abu Dhabi, Bogota, and Havana. She is very happy to be returning to Canada and excited to begin a new chapter teaching at IPS! You might find Andrea with her head buried in a book somewhere, or perhaps golfing or hiking and just enjoying the scenery around her. She very much enjoys discussing current events, is a keen movie buff who also loves Pink Floyd.

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barbara bingham, operations director

Barbara Bingham


Barb is the highly indispensable Director of Operations. Her portfolio includes Admissions, Communications & Marketing, Human Resources and Operations. Barbara and her family moved to Bowen Island in 1999 from Vancouver and Barbara joined IPS in August of 2002 as a part-time administrative assistant.

She has previously worked in various administrative roles in the insurance, real estate, recycling and information technology industries. Her son Alexander is an IPS alumnus.

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carmen lane, middle school team

Carmen Lane


Carmen is an artist who uses technology as a creativity portal to help clients communicate their visual identity. She provides graphics, web and marketing support to the IPS Middle School team. Carmen says that great design is about first connecting with the client’s esthetic and values and then conveying those through a visual representation; an effective visual identity should create an instant, positive impression.

She has worked as a graphic designer for twenty-five. Her core skills include, branding, design, advertising, marketing, promotions, web design, production management, project management and event planning.

Carmen is a Bowen mom with one child in high school and the other in university.

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cheryle messier, middle school team

Cheryl Messier



Cheryl has just joined the IPS team. She is coming from the Mining and Exploration industry where she has spent thirteen years as CFO for a few companies. She comes with great experience in setting up and managing finance systems along with managing corporate governances.
Cheryl enjoys the outdoors and hanging with her nephews. In her spare time you will find her playing tennis or stand up paddling.


diana ray, learning strategies

Diana Ray


While growing up in the North Shore, Diana always worked and volunteered in the field of Special Education. Although her travels and education took her from SFU to the University of Warwick, she ended up back at Capilano University where she completed her certification as a Special Education Assistant (SEA).

Diana has two children and has been living on Bowen Island for ten years. In addition to working at IPS she also runs a busy local landscaping business with her husband.

SFU – University of Warwick

Special Education Assistant (SEA) – Capilano University

Specialty: Learning Assistance for all subjects

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jason english, middle school teacher

Jason English



Originally from London Ontario, Jason developed an interest for sports that translated to much success in football and wrestling. The University of Western Ontario is where he continued to play football, particularly on the offensive line, and earned a degree with a major in Religious Studies and a minor in Sociology. After university he operated his own “fitness focuses personal support service” for youth with special needs and football players, opening a gym that ran successfully for 4 years. Teaching was his true calling however, bringing Jason to a school in England as well as a school in Northwest BC with the Nisga’a First Nation. At his side will be his wife Kirsten who is an artist at heart, and his small dog Bodhi who is eager for another adventure. Jason plans to bring his passion for philosophy, weightlifting, nature, and the arts to Bowen Island where he is confident he will meet many great people with a unique and enviable lifestyle. 

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jen henrichsen, middle school

Jen Henrichsen, Assistant Head



Winner of the 2019 Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence! Read more:  https://islandpacific.org/2019/05/ips-assistant-head-teacher-awarded-the-2019-prime-ministers-award-for-teaching-excellence/

With a background in Wildlife Biology and nature interpretation, Jennifer moved to BC from Alberta in 2000 and taught in our middle school program at IPS for 3 years before taking a break to raise her two children and live internationally. She and her family spent 3 exciting years in Ghana, West Africa before they happily returned to Bowen Island in 2011. Both her kids are currently attending IPS.

In addition to teaching Math and Science this year, Jennifer is also the Assistant Head of School and coordinator of the Masterworks program.

BSc – U of C, Wildlife Biology
BEd – U of C
IB-MYP – Level 2 certificate
Teaches: Math 8-9 and Science 9
Specialty: Masterworks Program

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jen zdril, learning assistance

Jen Zdril



After many years of traveling and teaching across the country, Jen feels fortunate to find herself living on Bowen Island and part of the Learning Assistance team at IPS. Although trained specifically as an Art and Drama teacher, and still very passionate about those subjects, over the years Jen has discovered that she really loves sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm of the written word, particularly with at-­risk youth.

She is also a big fan of goofing around with her young son and his friends.

B.Ed ­ University of Alberta

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julia mccaig, middle school team

Julia McCaig


Described as a connector, Julia’s passion for her community led her to working as a director for both the Caring Circle Health Resource Centre and the Bowen Island Community Foundation. In these roles, she discovered a love of not for profit work, including planning, organizing and directing many fundraising events and initiatives and building and nurturing donor relations.

Julia loves working with people, and brings to IPS extensive experience as an entrepreneur: small business management, marketing and promotion in the publishing sector and web design.  Additionally she has taught technology at Capilano University and North Shore Elder College for several years.

Julia has lived on Bowen for 20 years.

Association of Fundraising Professionals – Development/Advancement and Mentorship Programs (ongoing)

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kari marentette, middle school teacher

Kari Marentette



Kari is passionate about teaching the French language and French culture. She began learning French in school at age five and hasn’t stopped since! She has a wide range of interests including rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, and playing board games. After graduating from Queen’s, she moved to Australia to teach Grade 7 – 11 French and Science. Being passionate about the outdoors, Kari has worked as an Outdoor Educator in both Australia and Ontario. She is an Ontario native that is excited to explore the natural wonders of Bowen Island and British Columbia.

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diana ray, learning strategies

Maureen Sawasy


Maureen’s office is the fast-paced hub of school activity where she works to create an excellent experience for the IPS Community. She has extensive background in customer service and administration including database management, event management and volunteer coordination.

Several years ago she decided she needed a change of a pace, pointed at a map, and ended up on Bowen. As an active trail runner/walker and hiker, Bowen was an easy choice. Seven years later,  she has volunteered for nearly all of the non-profit arts or event groups on Bowen (this year included the BI Logger’s show, Bowfest and Tourism Bowen Island.) Maureen uses her background in theatre and music in Vancouver to support numerous plays with TOTI, Kingbaby and the Green Tape productions.

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megan mcphee, program support staff

Megan McPhee


Megan is lucky to have grown up on Bowen Island, and from the time her older sister Kate attended the school, she has been hanging around IPS since its earliest years. After attending IPS herself (class of 2005), she later went on to obtain an undergraduate degree in zoology and a master’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology. When she’s not hunting for pet jumping spiders in a friend’s back yard she will most definitely be found running the Vancouver sea wall. Megan’s passions for learning and science have led her to pursue a career in education and she cannot be more excited to be back at IPS and contributing her knowledge and enthusiasm to the role of program support and enrichment coordinator.

BSc – University of Guelph

MSc – University of Toronto

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pam matthews, middle school teacher

Pam Matthews



In 1999 Pam Matthews moved to Bowen Island to teach at Island Pacific School. Over the years she has taught Math, Science and PE to all the grades. She has also been the Excursion Coordinator, Expedition Coordinator and was the Odyssey (Grade 10) program director.

She took time off when she and Doug Hooper had their son River (now at IPS!) but she never strayed very far and was always involved with the school one way or another; volunteering, teaching part-time and tutoring.

BSc – McMaster University
BEd – Queen’s University, Math and Science
Outdoor Experiential Education certificate – Queen’s University

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dr ted spear, head of school

Scott Herrington



“It is not so much what you learn, rather that you learn to think!” These words have guided Scott throughout his teaching career. As an experiential learning enthusiast, he sees education best serving youth when it provides meaningful, real-life connections and experiences that challenge them to think.
Over the course of his 30 years in education he has had the pleasure and privilege to teach at some remarkable schools. His career began at the Peace Zone International School in Kathmandu, Nepal (while backpacking through Asia) and then more formally at Crystal Park School in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. The next 16 years were at  the American School of Dubai where he taught in the middle school classroom for nine years before taking over the role of Recreation Director for seven years. The KAUST School in Saudi Arabia was his last overseas assignment where he held the roles IB MYP Coordinator, CIS/NEASC Accreditation Officer, and Activities Director.
Scott is married to Susanne (a special education teacher at BICS) and has two sons at UBC as well as a daughter who is in grade 12 at Rockridge Secondary School.
Scott is a lifelong learner, an avid Ultimate player and loves to travel and explore this amazing planet.
MEd – Secondary Bowie State University, Maryland, USA
BEd Secondary Education, U of C
BEd, Phys Ed, U of C

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