Teaching & Learning

At Island Pacific School it is our job as educators to equip and inspire students to cultivate their humanity.
-Ted Spear, Founder

Our middle school teachers work together to create the capacity for students to ask intelligent questions. Teachers at Island Pacific School have the latitude to determine the best learning strategies to do this for their own subjects and for each student. They work as a team and they know every student in the building. Every week the teachers meet at a round table to stay up to date on what they are teaching, how they are teaching it and how students are responding. 

Students learn by approaching ideas and content through critical thinking and inquiry. As they are exposed to new forms of knowledge, they progress from a baseline understanding, to application and then extension.


Here is an example of baseline, application and extension from our Grade 6 Math Curriculum:

Baseline: Students learn about repeating patterns and then translate them into algebra.

Application: The teacher creates an imaginary trip to Turkey to learn about repeating patterns in Islamic art. They analyse the use of patterns in  art and culture (embedding a cross-curricular connection.) Students go to work for the imaginary Sultan to build him a fountain, and must determine the number of tiles that they will use to repeat their pattern a number of times in their creation.

Extension: They learn to repeat the pattern a greater number of times whilst calculating the cost of the fountain based on the number of tiles.

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