Middle school matters

Our Middle School Programs

The middle school programs at Island Pacific School are designed to prepare our students to be successful in their continuing education – from grades 10 through 12 and beyond.

The IPS teaching environment is both intimate and engaging. It is structured around an environment of shared trust and mutual respect. Throughout the day, and throughout the year, students participate in a wide range of academic, artistic, and recreational pursuits designed to foster critical inquiry, community engagement and leadership.

Guided by a highly qualified teaching staff, the middle school programs at IPS are designed to to equip and inspire. They provide a foundation for Grade 6-9 students who may wish to pursue International Baccalaureate (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP) programs in high school. Every IPS graduate is prepared to successfully complete Grades 10 through 12 in the B.C. Ministry Graduation Program.

At Island Pacific School, our middle school programs are developed to provide opportunities to experience new adventures. We are committed to delivering an exceptional middle school education – one that engages and inspires students for life.

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The academic curriculum at IPS is enriched for every student and has a solid grounding in history and liberal arts. All students receive workshops in executive functioning and digital literacy at the start of the year.

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As part of our middle school education program, students at every grade participate in monthly excursions that have a cultural, curricular or activity-based focus. Several Wednesdays each year, we head out to galleries, museums, universities, exhibits, athletics and more.

Physical Health

We play Ultimate. And, our middle school Physical Health Ed program focuses on a lifetime of functional fitness. Competing in Ultimate, learning swordplay, dancing hip-hop, designing your own game – there is plenty of accessible fitness to keep you sweating.

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The multi-grade house system – Casseiopeia, Orion, Pleiades and Andromeda – enables mentoring, encourages collaboration and facilitates stewardship. Points are awarded for cleaning the school, values, reading, fitness, and teamwork.

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Community & Service

An exemplary middle school education provides more than academic excellence.Once a month, Island Pacific School students help out a local Bowen Island organization or not-for-profit group. 

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Outdoor Pursuits

Expeditions in the fall, winter and spring terms have the entire school involved in challenging outdoor education pursuits that push your comfort zone in a controlled environment. We backpack, cross-country ski, hike, sail and ocean kayak.

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