Inspire: The 2nd Curriculum

Our Exceptional Middle School Education Program

This second curriculum for our middle school education program encompasses all those threads which, drawn together, give our middle school students the experiences they need to help them become confident and caring members of society as a whole. Our middle school education program is about more than pure academic excellence (1st curriculum): it’s a balance between academics and cultivating our humanity. 

To “cultivate our humanity” is to strive always to express the very best of what it is to be a human, that is, our intelligence, creativity, physicality, moral sensibility, courage, curiosity, compassion and integrity. To inspire students to cultivate their humanity is to show them how they can take responsibility for their own actions and progressively increase their own self-agency in a manner that reflects well on who they are as persons.

We call this element of our program the second curriculum because we want to highlight the importance of helping our adolescent students to become persons of character. The second curriculum includes middle school activities such as outdoor expeditions, extra-curricular activities and challenges, service contributions, and includes our unique approach to school culture and student discipline. 

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School Culture

Middle school is about holding kids close…loosely. Boundaries and freedom within those boundaries. That sweet spot between freedom and responsibility. Our middle school activities are designed to provide those opportunities.

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It starts at home and spreads outward to the world. It is a sum of all the little things (and big things) we do to contribute at home, school, and globally. Our middle school students are actively engaged.


The IPS House system, our main sport, Ultimate and opportunities like Mainstage (theatre); our students often learn as much doing extra-curricular activities as they do in their regular classes. An exceptional middle school education provides an all-encompassing academic program.

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Expeditions at Island Pacific School appeal to the explorer in every middle school student. Three times per year we take extend everyone’s comfort zone in the context of a safe team and epic outdoor landscapes.

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Discovery Week

Work, earn, save, then travel. Students personally earn $150 towards their Discovery Week trip. Each grade embarks on their own week-long class adventure in May. Academic excellence at IPS includes discovery, commitment and engagement.

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Theatre like you’ve never seen it. Envisioned, written, directed, produced…these highly creative annual productions put theatric and musical talent to the test but only once the props are hand-built!  Island Pacific School – a middle school education that enables students to experience more than they could have imagined.

We look forward to welcoming you at IPS.  Join Us.