LIVESTREAM: Monday – Thursday, June 8- 11, 2020

IPS Masterworks

Can a 14-year-old be expected to conduct a public presentation similar to a TED talk? IPS students have been doing so for over 20 years through a program called Masterworks.

Our middle school curriculum recognizes the importance of independent study.  Self-selected, self-directed, and self-presented, this Masterworks independent study project is compulsory for every Grade 9 student and marks a significant academic achievement at IPS.

Masterworks projects include big, guiding questions such as, “What is peace?”, “How to make a positive difference in the world?”, Flying in Tune: Bridging the Gap Between Computers & Humans”, “Fruit of the Forbidden Tree: Power, Morality and Personal Choice” or “Growing North: Food Security in the Arctic”

The 2020 Masterworks presentations will be livestreamed this year via the IPS YouTube Channel. Join us online and support these hardworking middle school students in their achievement with this project. See the full schedule and list of topics below.

academic achievement

Masterworks Project Requirements

The project requires that students:

+ Produce work that surpasses their previous accomplishments
+ Conduct in-depth research
+ Communicate their understanding to academic advisors and the general public in an oral presentation that also serves as a defense of their scholarly and creative pursuits
+ Critically reflect on input they receive throughout the school year by experts and mentors who serve as external committee members.

External Advisors

Students are mentored through the process by expert advisors—leaders in their respective fields—who act as external advisors.

Working collaboratively with IPS faculty, advisory committees guide Grade 9s through the Masterworks process that puts students at the centre of their learning and that provides a foundation for academic achievement.

Interested in becoming an external advisor? Contact us!

Project Topics

In past years, students have made documentary and animated films, created original works of art, written extensive research papers, written and published a novella, and built an actual boat.  These middle school activities and projects reflect the uniqueness and interests of our individual students.

We love the diversity of projects the students come up with and, while each project is unique, what is common among them is that a highly focused level of scholarship, academic inquiry, and creativity underpin original questions asked by our students about the world in which they live.  This diversity is reflected in our middle school curriculum.

2020 Masterworks Presentations

Livestreaming from the Island Pacific School YouTube Channel:

Date & Time Presentation Presenter Faculty Advisor External Advisor(s)
June 8 9:00am The Identity Problems of Adoptees Indra Sokol-Snyder Jen Zdril Martha Mendoza, Andrea Bastin
June 8 10:00am How to Save the World by Saving the Bees Logan Clarke Amanda Szabo
Magali Chemali
June 8 11:00am Off the Beatin' Track- Instruments around the World Jay Graham Amanda Szabo Liz Watson, Bob Doucette
June 8 1:00pm Howe Sound - Atl'ka7tsen Marine Ecosystem Leila Nabavi Megan McPhee Bob Turner
June 8 2:00pm Born this Way or Made this Way? - Influences on Personality Danae Jan Pam Matthews Karen Snyder
June 9 9:00am Teaching French as a Second Language Jada Madeline Scott Kari Marentette Caroline Schrapff, Laura Meagher
June 9 10:00am The Future of Medicine Hunter Stefani-Thompson Pam Matthews Dr Hugh Black, Dr. William Black
June 9 11:00am Undecided - Making Good Decisions Rose Willis Jen Henrichsen Andrea Rayment, Karla Saruk
June 9 1:00pm Wolves in North America Tobin Fayle Kari Marentette Sophie May Watts
June 9 2:00pm Catching Light - Evolutions in Chemistry Colin McLean Adrian van Lidth de Jeude Harry Ross
June 10 9:00am Fairy Tales - Their Place in our Culture and in Child Development Teagan Avery Andrea Earle Katalina Bernards, Simon James
June 10 10:00am Taking a Bite out of the Apple Empire Sam Stringfellow Jason English David McCullum, Rick Stringfellow, Richard Kemble
June 10 11:00am Forming Social Bonds through Magic the Gathering Trevor Hagglund Jason English Adam Ovenell-Carter
June 10 1:00pm Anxiety in Teens Georgia Carter Jen Henrichsen Andrea McLennan, Sharon Selby
June 11 9:00am A Journey through West Coast Modern Architecture Jacob Wiebe Jen Henrichsen Chris Lee
June 11 10:00am The Evolution of Style Franny Heffelfinger Adrian van Lidth de Jeude Caroline Hurd, Liz Nankin
June 11 11:00am The Evolution of Sound in Film Nicko Olson Scott Herrington Justin Aucoin, Adrian Juric
June 11 1:00pm Exploring the Process of Writing a Fantasy Novella Ailsa Ross Andrea Earle Deb Blenkhorn