Learning Strategies

Learning at Island Pacific School

At Island Pacific School, we understand that all students possess an independent learning profile characterized by individual strengths and challenges. The learning strategies department at IPS supports all students through a Response to Intervention model (RTI) that implements best educational practices for both academic and behavioural goals.  

At Island Pacific we use a three-tiered response model.  The approach delivers an inclusive and effective education for all students. As the graphic below indicates, we use a collaborative approach based on current pedagogical research.

The Learning Strategies staff collaborate closely with IPS teachers and parents to ensure a warm, effective and memorable middle school experience.



learning strategies

Three Tiers

Tier One

  • All students, all staff
  • Best first instruction with universal access
  • Prevention
  • Workshops on executive functioning and study skills
  • Environmental adaptations to support time management and planning
  • Graphic organizers to aide written output
  • Social-emotional strategies such as social skills/thinking groups
  • Weekly meetings with teachers and administration

Tier Two

  • Targeted
  • In class and pull outs
  • Small group assistance
  • Monitored by assessment
  • Adaptations for workspace and testing

Tier Three

  • Customized
  • Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • One to one pull outs
  • Adaptations for workspace, due dates and testing