The Island Pacific School Endowment Fund has been created by Island Pacific School, to be managed by the Bowen Island Community Foundation, and will provide an annual bursary to one or more deserving students of Island Pacific School.

Since opening its doors in 1995, Island Pacific School has always been committed to ensuring the broadest possible access to those who want to attend the school.

We keep our school tuition costs low in comparison to other independent and private middle schools and we fundraise to provide approximately $80,000 of the financial aid costs each year. We believe that investing in your child’s education will pay returns for the rest of their life. We are committed to welcoming applicants who will thrive in the unique opportunity of an Island Pacific School education, regardless of financial circumstances, therefore we assist families with a demonstrated financial need, to help cover the cost of school tuition through a bursary program, to a maximum of 50% of the base tuition fee.

Once a student is admitted to Island Pacific School, the family can then apply for financial aid directly to the school as needed. Families qualifying for, and receiving financial aid must reapply every year should they wish to be considered for aid. Applications are processed for current IPS families before other applicants.

For more information about applying for student bursaries, contact —

Barbara Bingham
Director of Operations