IPS Membership Charter 2021-22

IPS Membership Charter for 2021-22

The IPS Membership Charter is to be submitted annually and is signed by the student and both parents. This form can be saved at any time and a link will be supplied so that you can return to the form.

  • I understand that Island Pacific School is a learning community that is committed to helping students acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions, which will enable them to live the best possible life. As a contributing member of this community, I pledge to:


    Improve and expand my ability to address challenges and issues in a manner that makes full use of my rational capacities. I pledge, that is, to:

    • adopt a critical attitude to new knowledge & truth claims by questioning the reasons, evidence and justifications for those claims
    • commit myself to learning the fundamentals of critical discourse
    • be open-minded about listening to and critically assessing new ideas
    • be prepared to give good reasons for my own beliefs and convictions
    • be prepared to change my mind on the basis of better reasons

    Act in a way so as to ensure that both I and my colleagues get the greatest possible benefit from the academic program offered at the school. I pledge, that is, to:

    • come to class on time and fully prepared for the activities of the day
    • attempt at all times to produce quality work to the best of my ability
    • strive to assist, and never impede, the learning experiences of my colleagues
    • take the initiative to ask questions of teachers or colleagues if I am unsure of anything covered in class
    • take responsibility for, and be forthright about, incomplete, late or missed assignments
    • be willing to take intellectual risks to extend the limits of my knowledge & understanding
    • make a concerted effort to hand in all work on time


    Make use of the various academic and extra-curricular challenges that the school offers as an opportunity to enhance the confidence and courage of myself and my colleagues. I pledge, that is, to:

    • make an honest effort to attempt everything that the school offers up in terms of special challenges
    • accept new challenges with a spirit of anticipated success, rather than an expectation of defeat
    • offer my best effort to persevere through challenges at precisely the moment when they seem most difficult
    • encourage and support my colleagues to accept challenges in the right spirit, and to persevere to the end
    • offer recognition of my colleagues both for attempting and for meeting personal challenges


    Improve and expand my capacity to be a person of integrity. I pledge, that is, to:

    • treat students, the faculty, and all visitors to the school with civility, honesty, and respect
    • be sensitive to the emotional needs of students, the faculty, and visitors to the school
    • offer and accept criticism only in reference to the problem or idea at hand, and never in reference to the individual
    • respect the personal space and possessions of students, faculty and visitors
    • respect a person’s right to their own views to the extent that such views are justified
    • act as a positive agent (as opposed to a negative or neutral agent) to break apart cycles of disrespect
    • refrain from using language which degrades individuals or humanity as a whole
    • take responsibility for my mistakes and be prepared to make amends if I have caused others harm
    • be steadfast in upholding principles of right action, particularly when it is difficult to do so


    (Revised by Grades 8 & 9 – September, 2000)

    I understand that the following are grounds for dismissal from Island Pacific School:

    1. Consistently acting contrary to the spirit of the Membership Charter.
    2. Acting in a manner -- either at the school or within the community at large -- which reflects poorly on oneself or the school.
    3. Wilfully causing physical or emotional harm to another person.
    4. Distributing, consuming, or otherwise using drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes (or e-cigarettes or vaping) on or near school property, or while under school jurisdiction.
    5. Vandalizing or seriously misusing school equipment or property.

  • Signatures

  • By signing below, I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to abide by both the Membership Charter and the Grounds for Dismissal.

  • This form should be signed by both parents/guardians. However, in some cases, and where legally authorized, one parent/guardian may sign this form on behalf of both parents.

    Please select below where applicable.

  • By signing below, I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree with both the Membership Charter and the Grounds for Dismissal.
  • By signing below, I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree with both the Membership Charter and the Grounds for Dismissal.
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