IPS Marketing Film Project Release & Consent

Island Pacific School Marketing Film Release & Consent Form 2021

Island Pacific School has engaged the services of professional filmmakers to produce two videos of varying lengths in support of an outreach and awareness campaign for the school.
  • The Island Pacific School Film Project

    The film initiative (the 'Project') is a collaboration between: Madeline Ell, GAB Films and Banter Grace & Lollipop (the ‘Contractors’).

    The video(s) will be used to advance awareness of IPS for the purpose of enrollment and to showcase its unique values and educational goals. Showcasing the unique learning styles and opportunities offered by IPS through a mix of professional, student and teacher generated footage. The video(s) will also include sharing of the story of IPS from some students, teachers, parents and alumni (the ‘Participants’).

    The Contractors will be filming at IPS on May 27th, 2021 and June 8th, 2021. In addition, the Contractors will be interviewing some students, teachers, parents and alumni to collect story content.

    The Contractors and IPS agree to adhere to all provincial health care regulations related to Covid-19.

    This form is to be used for both parents signing on behalf of a minor as well as adult participants.


    Consent to be provided by the Parent or Legal Guardian of a minor.

    For teachers, parents and adult alumni particpants.
  • To be signed by adult participants of the project.
  • YYYY slash MM slash DD