International Students – Applications

A small number of international students attend Island Pacific School. By law, international students must obtain a student visa after they have been accepted into the school. For more information please visit: Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

For more information about applying to Island Pacific School as an international student, please contact Barbara Bingham at

I am Juny from Korea who attended Island Pacific School from Grade 6 to Grade 8. I now attend high school studying at the Hawaii Preparatory Academy. When I first came to Island Pacific School, I was very nervous about meeting people from a different country, speaking a different language, and settling into a new school.

For the first few weeks, I was homesick, of course. But the teachers and students at IPS welcomed me so well that I made my first foreign friend in just a one day. I learned many different things both in school and out of school such as ultimate frisbee, hiking and skiing.

The friends at Island Pacific School were so nice and friendly to me that I became friends with all of them in just a few weeks. I was excited to go to school every single day. At the Rites of Passage, Graduation Ceremony, I cried. I’m not a guy who usually cries from sad movies and sad situations. But somehow, tears fell out of my eyes. All my friends cried too. That’s how much I loved and enjoyed Island Pacific School and my friends. Here I am in Hawaii, in another island and a great school having fun. But I will never forget people in Island Pacific School and how much they loved me.


What kids say

What I like about Island Pacific School is that everyone is so bonded together like a family. IPS helps you to get involved in a lot of school activities, such as Ultimate, House Lunch, Assembly, Community service, etc. Island Pacific School helps you to find wisdom, courage, and integrity. The best thing about IPS is that it helps you to find who you really are so that you do better in the future. In Island Pacific School there is a subject called practical reasoning which really helps you to understand the world.
Kevin Lee, IPS Class of 2008

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