Join us on our Bridge to the Future

Education has the power to change lives

I know this first hand from 28 years as a middle school educator. Working with thousands of students throughout this time, I am convinced that what matters most is that each and every student knows that they are valued. Middle School is challenging and dynamic. It is turbulent and tough at times. Teachers at IPS are continually striving for ways to connect with each child, to inspire them to learn, to captivate their interests and to help them know that they matter. There small size of IPS allows this to happen in many meaningful ways.

While we are small by design and not trying to be bigger, we are trying to be better. We are making changes to our facilities and programming to enhance what we are able to provide our students as we continue to fulfill our mission. Building on last year’s launch of the Bridge to the Future Development Program, this year we are taking another step along that bridge. An exceptional education is, first and foremost, built on relationships.

I invite you to deepen your relationship with us. Reach out. Connect. Join us as we build a Bridge to the Future.

Scott Herrington
Head of School

Reasons and Ways to Give

Our annual IPS Forever fund is the heartbeat of IPS, each year supporting the areas of greatest need on campus.


fundraising, learning strategies, ib world school

Community Partners

Our Community Partners are supporting our work


ib world school, middle school scholarship, fundraising
ib world school, fundraising, middle school scholarship

Annual Appeal

Every gift counts. Support our Bridge to the Future.

middle school scholarship, make a difference, learning strategies

Leave a Major Gift

Major gifts of $5,000+ support new curriculum initiatives and capital upgrades. Meet with us and discuss how your gift could make a difference. MEET WITH US

Bursaries & Scholarships

Ongoing gifts like the Marg Witty Fund, and the Teal Ander Bursary Fund are gifts from the heart that make an annual difference in students’ lives. MEET TO DISCUSS

fundraising, learning strategies, ib world school

Campus Plans

Our 2018-2019 Annual Appeal focuses on campus improvements – contact Scott or Julia for more information.

ib world school, middle school scholarship, fundraising
fundraising, make a difference, learning strategies

In Kind Donations

In kind gifts that support our operations and programs are most welcome. We also do an appeal for silent auction items for our annual Fall Bash Party for Financial Aid: Fall Bash.


Our development and fundraising goals come to life thanks to parents and community who support us with time and ideas. Join us.

Rick's Place: The design workshop, 2015

Belluk-Orlikow Performing Arts Award, 2016

The Think Tank, powered by Digitally Hip, 2017

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