We think it important that students get out and see the world around them. So, once a month we take students on excursions, or field trips. These experiential learning outings are meant to give students academic, cultural and fun experiences they could not get within the confines of a regular classroom setting.

Island Pacific School students have watched Brutus stab Caesar at Bard on the Beach, seen raw sewage flow into the Annacis Island Treatment Plant, picked through bins of dried squid in Chinatown, sat in on a service at a Sikh Temple, climbed a rock wall, scored goals on an hockey rink, listened to the organist play in a cathedral, counted birds at Reifel Island, launched rockets at the H. R. Macmillan Observatory, ordered poutine in French at a local chip joint, and studied abstract paintings at the Vancouver Art Gallery, to name but a few experiential learning excursions.