Day in the life

The Island Pacific School schedule is arranged in a hybrid “high school” format where students and teachers circulate through different learning spaces throughout the day. While all Island Pacific School students are assigned a single homeroom teacher who meets with them three times a week, they will also receive instruction from at least 3-5 other teachers, depending on their grade level. Here is a day in the life of two Island Pacific School students during a regular academic day.

In all grades, there are double blocks of key subjects (English, Math, Science and Humanities) rotating throughout the days of the week. Design and Art are  taught 1.5 hours each week, and there are 4 x 45 minute blocks of French. 

A Day in the Life


  Mon Jasmine – Grade 6  Justin – Grade 9
 8:45 –   9:00 Morning Stretch & Announcements ~ Whole School
 9:00 –   9:45 Individuals & Societies Science
 9:45 – 10:30 Individuals & Societies Science
10:30 – 10:45 Break ~ Whole School. Access to all spaces in the school, the outdoor campus and the full student kitchen.
10:45 – 11:30 Language & Acquisition, French Individuals & Societies
11:30 – 12:15 Homeroom (catch up on work, class or personal check-in’s) Homeroom (catch up on work, class or personal check-in’s)
12:15 –   1:00 Lunch ~ Whole School. Use the full student kitchen to prepare a meal. Enjoy time indoors or outdoors. 
 1:00 –   1:45 Language & Literature, English Language & Acquisition, French
 1:45 –   2:30 Mathematics Physical Health Education with Grade 8
 2:30 –   3:15 Science Physical Health Education with Grade 8
 3:15 –   3:30 School Clean-Up ~ 1 assigned House takes the lead. 
 3:30 –   4:45 Extracurricular: Ultimate Practices (Mon\Thurs – Fall & Spring) or Mainstage Rehearsals (Winter)

“Wacky Wednesdays” 

On Wednesday afternoons the students rotate through a variety of on-campus and off-campus activities as follows. Typically:

  • Monthly excursions to Vancouver
  • Monthly community service activities
  • Quarterly House Lunches sponsored by one of the school’s four student Houses
  • Quarterly Assemblies planned and hosted by the grade 9 students
  • Periodic Parent & Student Conferences

These are called “Wacky Wednesdays” because they are usually fun and informative, and ever-changing. Students typically dismiss at 2:30 on Wednesday afternoons, unless they are on an excursion in the city.

Ferries for Off-Island Students
We typically have 40-60% of our students attending Island Pacific School from off-island. During the regular BC Ferry schedule, they take the 8:00 am ferry from Horseshoe Bay and then return on the 4:00 ferry from Bowen Island. (Students involved in Ultimate Practices and/or play practices on Mondays and Thursdays generally take the 5:00 ferry home.) Note that the BC Ferry schedule shifts somewhat at the beginning and end of the academic year.  Check out our Located on Bowen page to learn more.