Distance Learning

THANK YOU to you and your team for taking such a proactive approach before Spring Break.
THANK YOU for your videos over the Break as they were very reassuring and comforting.
THANK YOU to you and your team for so diligently and getting the Distance Learning programs up and running so quickly. The launch has been great!

As you may be aware, our daughter just loves school and was missing everything about it. So yesterday was an exciting day for her to be able to reconnect with her teachers and the classmates she doesn’t usually hangout with on facetime. She’s in a good space as she has a routine again and a purpose.

- Grade 9 Parent

The wellness of our students is at the top of our minds and we want to encourage any family to be in touch should you need additional support from the school. As a staff, we are energized and committed to fulfilling our mission during this time of global pandemic. We are also committed to ensuring a successful completion of this school year for all of our students.

After a comprehensive review of the first 2 weeks of DL 1.0 we are pleased to share details of the DL 2.0 version of our Distance Learning (DL) program launching April 27th.  DL 2.0 was created to address some key takeaways from the student and parent surveys: reduced screen time, more movement/physical activity and fresh air, workload expectation adjustments, more hands on learning and more connection between students, teachers and parents.

In response, a new DL 2.0 Class Schedule has been created that addresses all of the above and includes the following key elements.

Academic classes have been reduced from three times per week to two. Design and Art are reduced from two to one.

Why? This reduction reduces screen time and overall workload and will hopefully reduce stress.

Mandatory off screen breaks throughout the day.

Why? Students need to have a release from the screens, get fresh air and move. This will also take away the rush from one class to another.

Daily study hall from 1:00-2:00 pm.

Why? Students need time each day to finish up work and they need to be able to ask their teachers for help. Reduce stress of additional work beyond the school day.

PHE twice a week in the afternoon.

Why? We all need to stay healthy and strong – mentally, emotionally and physically.

Passion Pursuits – extending and enrichment during this unique time of isolation.

Why? Physical and social distancing present an amazing opportunity to grow and learn in individual and innovative ways at home. Adrian will coordinate and the homeroom teachers will support and guide.

Social and interest Clubs on Friday.

Why? Offer students a time to socialize and have fun while at the same time learning and contributing. These will include teacher led and student led clubs.

IPS is a “bricks and mortar” school that is equipped to deliver the BC Curriculum via a robust IB Middle Years Framework in face to face classes between teachers and students. Our DL plan is a framework designed to maintain a high standard of learning during this period of prolonged closure. Students will be required to use their IPS issued Chromebook and will be held to the same expectations as per our Acceptable Use Policy. Online tools/platforms including Google Classroom and the GoGuardian monitoring system will be the primary online vehicles that we will use.

The plan is based on some changes to the typical weekly class schedule and will have teachers posting class work and lessons on Google Classroom. The expectation is that students and teachers will be able (but not mandatory for students) to interact and communicate at that scheduled time. For example: Math 7 takes place on Monday from 11:00 -11:50 am and Friday from 9:00 -9:50 am. Math teacher, Jen Henrichsen, will have posted classwork or assignments to Google Classroom; students will be expected to complete that work and will be able to chat on Google Meet with Jen and classmates at that time. As long as the work is completed and submitted by the date assigned, students can do it at their own convenience.

Our distance learning (DL) program is not intended to add pressure for students and families, but is designed to provide a focus point for continued learning and productive activity. While we will be evaluating and fine tuning on an ongoing basis, we plan to formally survey both students and parents at the end of the second week.

As mentioned, we have a great challenge ahead and this challenge includes a unique opportunity to distinguish IPS as an innovative leader in middle school education.

IPS is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all students and staff. IPS will closely monitor guidelines provided by the British Columbia public health officials and the Ministry of Education as related to the COVID-19 pandemic. IPS will adhere to social and physical distancing protocols and may deliver the curriculum and program via Distance Learning, in whole or in part, if required to ensure safety of students and staff.

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Click Below to See a DL Week 12 Video Update

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learning strategies, middle school programs, middle school strategies