Equip – 1st Curriculum

The core purpose of Island Pacific School is to equip and inspire students to cultivate their humanity. To “cultivate our humanity” is to strive always to express the very best of what it is to be a human that is, our intelligence, creativity, physicality, moral sensibility, courage, curiosity, compassion and integrity. We have developed dynamic learning strategies and an exceptional middle school curriculum to achieve our purpose.

To “equip” students to cultivate their humanity is to help them acquire the knowledge, skills and dispositions they need to be an active participant in the human story.

We call this element of our program the first curriculum because it lays the foundation for ever-increasing understanding and ability as individuals make their way in the world. This first curriculum encompasses all the elements of our core instructional programs: the teaching approach, the curriculum, the instructional schedule, our assessment system, and our approach to learning strategies.

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A broad range of intentionally developed programs in the 1st and 2nd curriculum that incorporate IB MYP and the New BC Curriculum. 

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Educators that are middle school experts with high emotional intelligence working as a team using advanced design principles. Our learning strategies offer something for every middle school student. 


Self-selected, self-directed, and self-presented, the #IPS Masterworks Ted Talk-style  is an independent “passion project” compulsory for every Island Pacific School Grade 9 student. 


The Island Pacific School day, and curriculum, is designed so that students learn to do their work at school. This leaves them free to pursue their curiosity outside of school hours.

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Our learning strategies team consults with our faculty and custom-designs strategies for students. It starts with an assessment during the admissions process.

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We think it important that students get out and see the world around them. We visit galleries, museums, try new sports and craft adventures that support and extend our in-class middle school curriculum.

Wisdom | Courage | Integrity – IPS’s Core Values

Wisdom:  People with wisdom commit to learning how to have intelligent conversations and to use that skill for finding the truth, if it can be found. If it cannot, they seek for a better understanding of the problems at hand.

Courage:  People with courage accept new challenges willingly and with a spirit of anticipated success. They enthusiastically encourage others to do the same. They defend their convictions vigorously with good argument, but are equally ready to change their mind when given better argument.

Integrity:  People of integrity hold themselves accountable for both what they do and what they fail to do. They treat themselves and others with respect.

The Island Pacific School core values are at the heart of our teaching approach, learning strategies, and curriculum development. We integrate these values into everything we do, and we encourage our students to do the same.