Covid Protocols

Covid-19 Health & Safety Plan – February, 2021

As per the Ministry of Education mandate we updated our Covid Health and Safety Plan as of February 16, 2021. See the documents linked below for more detail.

Island Pacific School Education Restart Plan
Health and Safety Plan (updated February 16, 2021)
IPS COVID-19 Communications Plan
IPS Daily Cleaning Checklists (WorksafeBC)

The health and safety of our students, staff and their families remains our top priority. Please see key points below:

Cohorts (Learning Groups)

  • IPS will have a junior cohort (grades 6/7) and a senior cohort (grades 8/9).
  • As per the Operational Guidelines for School Districts and Independent School Authorities, cohort members will need to refrain from physical contact but will NOT have to be physically distant from each other.
  • Each grade (class) will have a designated room and each student a dedicated desk.
  • Students will keep all of their personal belongings at their designated desks. There will be NO use of cubbies but lockers will be available for jackets and outdoor footwear.
  • Masks are mandatory during transport on the IPS bus, TransLink, BC Ferries and in the carpool.

Class Schedule

  • 8:00 am ferry for off islanders
  • 8:45 start – morning stretch will be by cohort
  • Wednesdays will continue to have an early dismissal at 2:30 and we will continue to program community service, guest speakers and excursions.
  • Lunch areas – NO use of dishes or kitchen. Cohorts will eat in different areas and must NOT share food. Students must also have their own LABELLED water bottle.
  • Class dismissal, breaks and lunch will be staggered to minimize congestion in hallways and common areas.

Health and Safety

  • The most important consideration is that if your child is not feeling well, he or she must stay home.
  • Students and staff should assess their health daily via this tool.
  • The school will undergo a deep clean each day. In addition, we will continue to sanitize high touch areas during the school day.

Use of Masks

  • Teachers will not be part of cohorts and will therefore need to wear masks at all times while indoors.
  • Students will be required to wear masks while indoors but they can remove them once they are in their designated desk in their classroom.
  • School access to parents/visitors will be restricted and masks/sanitizing will be mandatory in essential or extenuating circumstances.

Ensuring the continuity of learning to fulfill our mission and values regardless of the stage the province is in, will require flexibility, and innovation and the collective support of all IPS stakeholders.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding.



Scott Herrington, Head of School