Island Pacific School –

A Community Independent School on Bowen Island, BC

As a community independent school on Bowen Island, in beautiful Howe Sound, British Columbia, Island Pacific School strives to engage with our students, parents, faculty and staff, and neighbours – and we like to have fun! Throughout the year we host several informal Open Houses, Community Faculty speaking events, and casual get-togethers. These are all great opportunities to visit the school and get to know each other better.

If you would like to tour the school during class hours, or chat with our Head of School or a member of our staff, please call 604.947.9311 between 9 am and 4 pm to arrange a time when we can focus on you. When you call please be sure to let us know what you’d like to see or talk about so that we can be well prepared (for example, admission applications process, financial aid, meet the staff, learn more about our middle school curriculum and/or accreditation, and more).

Every year we host the fall party on Bowen: The IPS Fall Bash. This annual fundraiser is for Financial Aid and is well attended by our community, school, and alumni. The theme is always fantastic with décor and costumes to match. Watch for the Fall Bash in November.

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Attend an Event

Our community independent school hosts Open Houses throughout the year.  Plan to take in #IPSMasterworks or score tickets to our annual sold-out fall Bash.

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Meet the Staff

Tour the campus and meet one-on-one with our Head-of-school or Assistant Head. Your student spends the whole day at IPS attending classes with new friends.

Meet Parents

Go for coffee or get on the phone with an Island Pacific School parent. Ask questions parent-to-parent about how they made their decision about choosing a community independent school

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Apply to IPS

Start your admission applications process today by filling out our online application form. It is never too early to place your child on our admissions contact list.

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Work at Island Pacific School

From time to time we hire keen, cool and committed Middle School experts.

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Volunteer at IPS

We welcome Community Faculty Lecturers. Connect with us and tell us what you would like to teach to a middle school audience. Or, apply to be a #IPSMasterworks Advisor.