Located on Bowen Island

Bowen Island is a municipality of 3,500 permanent residents. It is situated on the Salish Sea, within beautiful Howe Sound and in close proximity to Metro Vancouver.  Just a 20-minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay, Bowen Island is known for being a supportive and safe community. A transit bus takes commuting students to the school from Snug Cove, and back again at the end of the school day. Of course they earn extra House Points if they walk!

Coming over from Horseshoe Bay?  Consider re-creating the student commuting experience! 

Park > ferry > then bus it or walk

Park your car in Horseshoe Bay in time to buy a ticket for the 8:00 am ferry (tickets are cut off 10 minutes prior to sailing.) The ferry takes twenty minutes to cross Howe Sound. Once on Bowen Island, walk off the ferry with our commuting students and board the blue Translink bus in Snug Cove. It leaves from in front of the library and will take you to IPS. Change for bus fare will be needed ($2.75 Adult, $1.75 Student.) We can also arrange pick up and drop off for you.

Park > ferry > then catch a ride with us

We can transport you from/to the ferry terminal on Bowen Island if you want to leave your car behind. It is a 2 minute ride, or 10 minute to IPS from Snug Cove. We always have our bus meet the Open House events. 

Whether you come in a car or by foot, make sure you arrive at the ticket booth at least ten minutes ahead of the ferry’s scheduled departure time to ensure you get on. The ferry leaves Horseshoe Bay approximately every hour in the morning and afternoon, with a longer break at midday. You can find the latest schedule on the BC Ferries website.

The fare to Bowen Island is round-trip and collected on the Horseshoe Bay side.  Students travelling for academic reasons are free. If you plan to come a few times and you are bringing your car, you will save money by purchasing and loading an Experience Card at the ferry ticket booth.



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About 50% of our students commute to Bowen Island on the 8:00 ferry from Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver. They carpool together from North and West Vancouver, walk on the ferry, and then walk or ride their bike to school. They can also choose to hop the local bus to school from the Snug Cove ferry terminal once they arrive on Bowen.


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