Over the years, the Island Pacific School Society has been very fortunate to continually attract a diverse range of Board members who bring strong qualifications, a wide range of skills and experience, and most importantly, a deep interest in education and student development. Our passionate Board ensures that IPS is focused on the Big Picture, while still delivering exceptional learning experiences through a strong school administration and faculty foundation. We are as dynamic and innovative today as we were the day we started, over 20 years ago. Read the Executive Summary of our Strategic Plan. 

IPS has developed its own distinctly different identity based on strong values, an amazing staff, a unique liberal arts curriculum, continual educational innovation, and a culture based on the guiding principle that “Middle School Matters Most”; its ongoing evolution is thanks to exceptional staff, parents, alumni, community and a strong culture of volunteering. The Board has enjoyed a very productive last year of partnership with outgoing Head, Dr. Ted Spear – a year focused on activating the new strategic plan, working on long-term development and sustainability and creating a culture of philanthropy. We are excited to welcome new Head of School, Scott Herrington to our 2017-18 school year.

Rick Brzezowski, IPS Board Chair, 2017-18

Chair, Board of Governors

The IPS Annual Report 2017-18

1. Equip & Inspire

We provide engineered experiences designed to equip and inspire adolescents at a critical moment in their development. We encourage students to cultivate their humanity during their crucial middle years – a time when we can either lose students or set them up for the rest of their lives. Middle School matters and kids like it here.

2. Program Excellence

We are middle school experts building innovative programs that support a true liberal arts foundation with the best of new education technologies. We are distinctly different and other schools follow our lead.

3. IPS Forever

We recognize the importance of the long-term sustainability of IPS and we will create a development and alumni engagement plan that will secure the financial foundation of IPS. Our plan will ensure that we can continue to fund innovative programming and financial aid at our well-equipped small by design campus on Bowen Island.


Island Pacific School is an independent middle school that equips and inspires students to cultivate their humanity at this pivotal point in their lives. We are an educational community that fosters intellectual engagement, citizenship, leadership and self-confidence.


Island Pacific School will be widely recognized as a distinctly different, innovative leader of program excellence in middle school education.

Read Our Strategic Plan

Island Pacific School will be widely recognized as a distinctly different, innovative leader of program excellence in middle school education.

Board Members, 2017-18

Steve Baker

Steve is a chartered accountant by trade, residing most of his life in Vancouver. For the past twenty years he has been self-employed working as a consultant and operating two successful start-up companies. Currently he is the President of United World Transportation, a provider of long haul refrigerated transportation.

Steve is married with two active boys and lives in North Vancouver. Steve is very honoured to be nominated for a Director’s position on the Board of Island Pacific School. He is a strong believer in everything that IPS stands for and effectively utilizing those “middle” years to set our kids up for ongoing success in life. He has extensive volunteer experience and believes that he can contribute positively to the success of IPS.

Steve is involved in various sports, loves to travel, and enjoys the outdoors, whether it is on the ocean or in the mountains.

Rick Brzezowski, Chair

Rick was born, raised and spent his first 47 years in the wonderful city of Edmonton. After selling his business, his wife, Arlene, and daughter, Lauren, decided to start a completely new life in Squamish and they have loved every moment of it. Rick has started a new career in land development. He has always been a life long learner and still continues to enjoy learning about science, business and entrepreneurship. His other interests include travel, reading and most outdoor endeavors, especially skiing, biking and hiking. Rick has been involved with several corporate and non-profit boards and hopes that his business experience will be useful.

His family fell under the IPS spell after attending a presentation by Ted. In 2011, daughter Lauren began grade 6 at IPS, and she still pops out of bed every day and can’t wait to get to school, now at Brentwood College School. Her enthusiasm has made Rick want to get involved and ensure the long term future of the IPS community.

Brad Carter

Brad Carter has spent more than 15 years exploring the impact of technology on society and, in particular, K12 education. His global travels, which include leading an international student body and faculty around the world, have given him a broad perspective on schools and schooling. He is an experienced school administrator, teacher and public speaker and has presented internationally as a keynoter and workshop leader. Brad is a National Development Executive with Apple education. His work there focusses on the strategic development of technology and on improving the collective adaptive capacity of schools.

Simon Clarke

Simon is a big believer in the positive impact that IPS has on its students, not only through the experiences of his own children but also having seen how IPS has helped shape the character and, in particular, the self-belief in several children of close friends. Simon has served on the IPS recruitment committee for the last 2 years and has found the passion and enthusiasm surrounding IPS contagious and very much enjoys being involved.

Simon has worked closely with small to mid-sized organizations both as an adviser and “in-house” throughout his 25 years in business. He has served in senior management roles and on the boards of several companies and has first-hand experience of the opportunities and challenges that typically face businesses and is currently providing advice to several companies as a business strategy coach. Simon has an LLB and a Diploma in Legal Practice from the University of Aberdeen.

Jana Honing

Jana and her family have been residents of Bowen Island for the past 10 years. After moving from the lower mainland they chose Bowen because of its accessibility to greater Vancouver, safety, quality of life and its reputation for good schools. She has had two daughters graduate from IPS, the most recent in 2017. Her twin boys attend Kindgergarten on Bowen.

“I think Island Pacific School is uniquely positioned in the realm of private schools as to what it offers its students on an individual level and its ability to shape and form the character of their students. Having parents play an active role in the school and their kids education has shown to strengthen the commitment between student, family and teachers.”

Jana’s career has included working with the Senior Vice President of one of Canada’s national banks, administrator of a national non-profit medical association and assisting the Dept. Head in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC.

David Jan

David has two children attending Island Pacific School, Eric (grade 9) and Danae (grade 7). Several years ago, David and his wife, Chelsea, attended one of the School’s presentations which reinforced for them the importance of the middle years, and how IPS’ qualities and programs could provide an environment for their kids to find their way through these crucial years. This special little school has and continues to meet their expectations as they watch their children’s enriched growth and development. And their kids like it at IPS!

David, as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA), brings a career of progressively senior management roles in accounting, finance and communications with various natural resource public companies to the board. As a CPA, David believes in applying his experiences in giving back to the communities in which he is connected with, including being Treasurer for various non-profit health and youth sport organizations, mentoring young professionals and coaching youth sports.

Scott Herrington, Ex Officio

Scott joined IPS as the Head of School in July, 2017. Over the course of his 27 years in education he has had the pleasure and privilege to teach at some remarkable schools. His career began at the Peace Zone International School in Kathmandu, Nepal (while backpacking through Asia) and then more formally at Crystal Park School in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. The next 16 years were at  the American School of Dubai where he taught in the middle school classroom for nine years before taking over the role of Recreation Director for seven years. The KAUST School in Saudi Arabia was his last overseas assignment where he held the roles IB MYP Coordinator, CIS/NEASC Accreditation Officer, and Activities Director.

Scott is a life long learner, an avid Ultimate player and loves to travel and explore this amazing planet.


Laura Quilici

Laura has over 20 years of professional and volunteer experience in the not-for-profit and post-secondary sectors, nearly half of those years as a Fundraising and Advancement professional. She most recently served as the Director of Advancement at Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences where she retired last year due to a chronic medical condition.

Laura has volunteered on numerous committees, has served on four Boards of Directors and is a NCCP certified ringette coach. Her education includes a Bachelor and Master of Arts in History from Simon Fraser University.

A native of Vancouver, Laura moved to Bowen Island with her husband Scott, daughter Lola and small brood of pets in 2015. She is delighted to be a part of the IPS community and is eager to contribute to the school as it continues to flourish.

Chris Wilson

Chris and his wife Anne have been involved with Island Pacific School since their oldest son, Max, first came to the school for grade six in 2011. Max and middle son Jack are now alumni, and James is in grade 8. They are strong believers in what the school’s middle years program has to offer students in terms of a sense of community engagement, self, and desire for an “intentional education”.

Chris is an intellectual property lawyer recognized in the World Trademark Reporter 1000 as a leading trademark professional.   Chris has experience with large and small non-profit boards that he hopes will be helpful to the IPS community, including experience as Past Chair of the National Intellectual Property Section of the Canadian Bar Association, representing over 2,000 section members across Canada, and Past President of the Tunstall Bay Community Association.

Elizabeth Wooding

Since first reading Ted Spear’s message about the mission of IPS, my partner, Simon, and I have had the pleasure of sending all four of our kids to Island Pacific School. Our two oldest have now graduated and our two youngest will be entering grade 6 and grade 8 this coming year. I have seen firsthand how IPS excels at passing important educational skills and values to students during their middle school years and am now pleased to have the privilege of serving on the board.

Although trained as a dentist, my background was in French literature both in undergraduate and graduate training programs at UBC. I have served some time on a couple of boards – the West Van Youth Band and the Adler Center in Vancouver. Currently, my interests center on the performing arts both in writing and performing (looking forward to my improv classes on Granville Island this fall!)

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