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Application for Admission to Island Pacific School

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  • Parent/Guardian Information

  • Mother/Guardian

  • Father/Guardian

  • Custodial Information

  • Student's Educational History

  • Medical Information

  • Special Education Needs

  • Report Cards

    Please attach final June report cards from the last two years and the most recent term report card available.

    Note: If this application is being submitted as an Advance Application (i.e. more than 1 year prior to requested enrollment year), the supporting documents do not need to be submitted at this time. Supporting documents will be required once the application is in process, in the year prior to the requested enrollment year.

  • Family Profile: Educational engagement and support

  • PLease rank each reason on your list. 1=highest importance.
  • How did you hear about Island Pacific School

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  • Application Checklist

  • Please note applications are submitted to a third party, Apple Financial and the deadline to apply is the end of January of each year.
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    Price: $ 350.00 CAD Quantity:
  • Thank You

    If you need to submit additional documentation, please email it to or mail to:

    Island Pacific School

    671 Carter Road, Box 128

    Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G0

    Attn: Admissions

    We appreciate your time in filling out our application form and look forward to connecting with you in person.

Welcome to the Island Pacific School application for admission process. We look forward to getting to know you and your family.

TIP: Browse through the form before beginning. There are a few long answer questions, and some supporting documents required (a picture of your child, report cards, etc.) You may wish to write the  long answer responses in a document on your own machine, then cut and paste the answers into this form. That way you will have a back up of the information in case of technical difficulty.

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Admissions Timelines 2018-19

Early Acceptance 
Admission process completed by Dec 8, 2017

Regular Acceptance
Admission process completed by  Mar 9, 2018

Financial Aid Applications
By Jan 31, 2018

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Book a Student Visit

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Book a Student Assessment

Our student assessments provide us with a baseline of your child’s needs.