The Big Picture of our Independent School

Why Before How

At IPS we like to put the “why” before the “how”.  As an independent school, Island Pacific School is, first and foremost, a middle school that is explicitly designed to enrich and activate that crucial transition between the innocent curiosity of elementary school and the more mature reflections of advanced learning.

Our purpose at Island Pacific School as leading education providers, therefore, is to enable our students to make the best use of these years, that is to equip and inspire them to express the very best of what it is to be a human being. Everything we do at the school — from the way we teach our courses to the extra challenges we give our students — is designed with this end in mind. We operate, as such, on the basis of the following principles:

  • That the middle years are a crucial transition time where we can either lose students, or set them up for the rest of their lives
  • That education encompasses both intellectual inquiry and the development of character
  • That teaching is, in part, a matter of initiating students into the great conversations of human inquiry
  • That schools must not insult the intelligence of the young, but instead must stretch and challenge them on all fronts
  • That students need real and special opportunities to take responsibility for themselves
  • That small schools are powerful sites in which to create an intentional educational community
  • That our essential job, as education providers, is to equip and inspire students to cultivate their humanity

Note: our independent middle school is non-profit, which is different than a private middle school. We embrace the opportunities we have as an independent school with an arms-length Board of Governors dedicated to supporting an innovative and evolving middle school program.  Not all independent schools or private schools meet rigorous and defined education standards.  Our school is an accredited CAIS school and International Baccalaureate (IB) Global School teaching the Middle Years Programme (MYP). We’ve been accredited since 2009.


Island Pacific School is an independent middle school that equips and inspires students to cultivate their humanity at this pivotal point in their lives.  We are an education community that fosters intellectual engagement, citizenship, leadership and self-confidence. 


Island Pacific School will be widely recognized as a distinctly different, innovative leader of program excellence in middle school education.




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“Help initiate students into the great conversations of human inquiry, so that they might eventually find their own voice.”  IPS Independent School is dedicated to exceeding the needs of adolescence and fostering personal excellence.
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Island Pacific School students are on an earned, first name basis with 3-5 teachers every day in a hybrid “high school” format where students and teachers circulate through different learning spaces throughout the day.


IB World School, MYP Programme. CAIS Member. We are the little independent school that punches well above its weight. We are the smallest school to meet the rigorous CAIS National Standards.  We are regulated and subject to audit by the Province of BC.
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With a robust 5 year strategic plan, developed by an experienced Board of Governors, we are leading education providers addressing current issues in independent school and private school education with dedication and commitment.
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Wisdom, Courage  and Integrity: IPS’s Core Values

At our independent school our values drive us forward. 

Wisdom:  People with wisdom commit to learning how to have intelligent conversations and to use that skill for finding the truth, if it can be found. If it cannot, they seek for a better understanding of the problems at hand.

Courage:  People with courage accept new challenges willingly and with a spirit of anticipated success. They enthusiastically encourage others to do the same. They defend their convictions vigorously with good argument, but are equally ready to change their mind when given better argument.

Integrity:  People of integrity hold themselves accountable for both what they do and what they fail to do. They treat themselves and others with respect.