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Meet Your Board: Park Heffelfinger

In a surprising turn of events, Park Heffelfinger found himself thrust into the world of school governance when Scott reached out and asked if he would consider joining the board. 

When contemplating the idea, he realized that being on the board could provide a unique chance to stay closely connected with the school, especially since his child still had several years left there.

As he embraced this new role, Park discovered the experience to be surprisingly rewarding. The board position offered him a higher-level perspective, allowing him to stay more informed about the school’s happenings than ever before. Feeling more connected and in tune, Park found joy in the sense of involvement and contribution.

Reflecting on his favorite middle school experiences, Park reminisced about the times when he served as a mentor for grade 9 masterwork students. With his background as a cookbook author, he was able to lend his expertise to students working on writing their own cookbooks, creating a memorable and rewarding experience for both him and the students.

Looking forward, Park envisioned ongoing contributions to the school community. Over the past three years, he took charge of the food at the mudder, showcasing his commitment to the community. Additionally, he passionately embarked on a mission to raise funds for the Colin Ruloff Community Field House, seeing the valuable asset that this could be not just for the school, but for the entire community.

Beyond his involvement in school affairs, Park shared snippets of his retired life—taking up pottery and guitar lessons, indulging in pickleball, and practicing yoga twice a week. 

Park’s contributions extend beyond the boardroom into various aspects of school life, and we are so very appreciative of his support and volunteerism!