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Meet Your Board: Jun Wang

Jun Wang, a dedicated member of the Island Pacific School Board of Governors, found inspiration to join the board through the impactful experiences her son gained in the supportive Island Pacific School community.

As she reflects on her motivations, Jun acknowledges the value Island Pacific brought to her son’s life and expresses a desire to contribute back to the community that provided such valuable experiences.

Having served on other boards in the past, Jun finds her experience at Island Pacific School uniquely rewarding. She appreciates the genuine commitment of individuals working collaboratively to build a stronger community. Jun praises the open-minded approach of the board, emphasizing their active consideration of advice and suggestions. Being part of a team dedicated to positive change and community growth brings her immense pleasure.

When asked about her favourite middle school memory or experience, Jun shares insights into her academic challenges during those years. She recalls the intense focus on studies, numerous homework assignments, and regular tests. Despite the difficulties, she recognizes the importance of the dedication and hard work she put into her studies, ultimately setting the foundation for a better future. Jun emphasizes the changing landscape and the need for children to acquire a broader set of skills and knowledge to navigate the evolving future successfully.

Looking ahead, Jun envisions contributing to the school’s success during her time on the board by advocating for Island Pacfic School within her community. She plans to focus on cultural diversity, exploring targeted outreach strategies, such as collaborating with local Chinese organizations and organizing community events. Her goal is to broaden the school’s reach and welcome more families into the school community.

In a more personal revelation, Jun shares a side of herself that most people might not know – she considers herself an introverted person who values solitude. She notes that her son shares these traits, making their choice of Island Pacific School, a supportive and encouraging community, even more significant. Jun expresses gratitude for the understanding of those around her, appreciating the patience she and her son are shown to open up and connect more deeply.

As Jun continues to serve on the Island Pacific School Board of Governors, her dedication, insights, and personal values contribute to the ongoing success and growth of the IPS community.

Julia McCaig
Director of Community Engagement
Island Pacific School