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The North Shore Student Experience: The Adventures of the 20-min Ferry Ride to Island Pacific School!

At Island Pacific School, we believe in fostering independence, responsibility, and self-reliance from a young age.

One unique aspect of our school experience is the daily ferry commute for middle school students traveling from the North Shore to Bowen Island, where our school is located. This 20-minute ferry ride isn’t just a means of transportation; it’s an opportunity for our students to embark on a daily adventure. From the moment they step onto the ferry, they’re encouraged to navigate their journey with confidence, learning valuable life skills along the way.

Through this commute, students develop a sense of independence as they manage their time and resources effectively. They become responsible for their commute, ensuring they arrive at school punctually and prepared for the day ahead.

Moreover, the ferry commute provides a unique setting for our students to connect and bond with their peers. Starting from as young as 10-11 years old, they form friendships that last a lifetime, sharing experiences and creating memories during their daily travels.

Rest assured, the ferry commute is not only safe but also an enjoyable experience for our students. Under the supervision of our dedicated staff, they embark on this journey with excitement and enthusiasm, eagerly anticipating the adventures that await them on Bowen Island.

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Casey James
Director of Communications
Island Pacific School
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