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Pam Matthews, Superhero

At Island Pacific School, we are small by design. One of the reasons is to provide quality, one-on-one support for each student who attends the school – to develop their sense of self and cultivate their humanity.

Every month, we will be featuring one of our superheroes and will share just a little bit about their ‘special sauce’ – (because we can’t share all their secrets!).

This week it’s Pam Matthews, Science Teacher and Outdoor Expeditions Coordinator.

Pam and Island Pacific School have become synonymous over the decades, but it was a twist of fate that initially guided the veteran teacher to Bowen Island. 

In her Science Class, Matthews has put a large emphasis on sustainability and environmental awareness, how to deal with garbage and waste, and having the kids plant their own gardens with native plants.

The efforts are all quintessentially Matthews. Since leaving the grind of big city life, she’s introduced a generation of Bowen kids to an alternative view of what school and education can be, and that not all learning takes place within four walls every Monday to Friday. Matthews says she loves the relationships she builds with the students, and has watched many of them grow up and start their own families right here on Bowen. She’s also happy to see them continue with the spirit of adventure and love for the Earth and other people that she helped foster, and especially when they pass those lessons on to their own kids.

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Julia McCaig
Director of Community Engagement
Island Pacific School