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Announcing our Head of School Effective July 1st, 2024

We are pleased to announce that Brad Carter has been selected as our next Head of School beginning in July of 2024.

After a very exhaustive recruitment process which yielded several highly qualified candidates, the search committee, (comprised of Board members, our Assistant Head, Founding Head (retired) and a staff representative) selected Brad based upon his extensive experience and deep history with Island Pacific School.

Brad was first a teacher and then Assistant Head at IPS from 2003 – 2010, and has spent 20 years exploring the role of education in society and the way we go about educating people. A former leadership development executive with Apple Inc. and head of the innovative THINK Global School, and Director of the Centre for Innovation at Mulgrave School, Vancouver – his work has taken him across Europe, Australia, China, and North America. 

A highly creative thinker with a talent for finding clarity in complexity, he brings his global expertise to innovative curriculum building and a deep study of the learning process, whether in formal school settings, communities or enterprise. 

After some years abroad, Brad looks forward to rejoining Island Pacific School and returning to his home on Bowen Island, nearer to his children and grandchildren.

Read Brad’s introduction On Coming Home

LinkedIn: @bradfordrcarter

Twitter: @Braddo

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Director of Community Engagement
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