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Island Pacific School is the first Carbon Neutral School in British Columbia

Sustainability at the Heart of Education

Island Pacific School is the first Carbon Neutral school in British Columbia. Our distinctly different middle school has partnered with Sprout, a non-profit organization committed to using accreditation to support schools on their journey to carbon neutrality & operational efficiency, to create action and accountability for their students and community. For any school that chooses to participate in making themselves a Carbon Neutral school through the Sprout program, they need to meet three rigorous criteria: precise tracking, educational benefit, and positive community impact.

Schools, kindergartens, clubs and colleges can offset their carbon footprint emissions and support projects that help children, communities and our planet. Since joining Sprout, Island Pacific School has launched a sustainability task force that will include alumni, parents, students and staff to help put together and take part in an action plan to decrease our ecological footprint!

“We strive to educate students about the issues and impacts of climate change while inspiring them to take positive actions toward helping the planet. We teach students about environmental sustainability, but the best way to inspire them is to give them opportunities to take their own actions.” – Pam Matthews, Science Teacher

Island Pacific School, located on Nex̱wlélex̱wm (Bowen Island), is the first school to be Carbon Neutral in British Columbia and one of the top schools in Canada to be Carbon Neutral. As a small school of 65 students in grades 6-9, we have made strides in becoming the first school in British Columbia to be carbon neutral and be affiliated with the Carbon neutral school association in BC. Island Pacific School is committed to sustainability. IPS is carbon positive by contributing 2,000 KgCO2 more than the 27,000 KgCO2 calculated.
Island Pacific School has been teaching community service and world consciousness for years.

“Every time one of our students walks into the middle of the forest they’re aware of the importance of that forest and the environment.”

These projects are making a significant difference, not just to our environment but to the global communities where they are based.

“Part of our journey as an IB world school has always been closely tied to nature and are privileged to live and work and play on Nex̱wlélex̱m. We are committed to greater sustainability and we recognize we can do and must do our part to help our planet survive.” – Scott Herrington, Head of School.

Scott Herrington
Head of School
Island Pacific School