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IPS Alumni Spotlight: Danae (IPS 2020)⁠ ⁠

Alumni updates! In other words, some things your parents and friends told us…

Since being introduced to Ultimate at IPS in grade six, Danae Jan has really taken the sport head on. This summer she played in Poland for Team Canada in the World Junior Ultimate Championships on the u20 Women’s team that won a bronze medal. She then followed it up with her club team winning the GOLD as the best u19 Women’s team in Canada. ⁠

Congratulations Danae!!⁠

Aside from these wonderful accomplishments, Danae has learned so much, experienced lifetime memories and made many wonderful friends from all over the world. And that all started from IPS!⁠

Danae is just one of so many remarkable Alumni. We love hearing from all of you! If there are any Alumni that would like to share what they are up to, our emails are always open! You can email Casey or Julia  for a chance to be featured in our FriendshIPS E-Newsletter or on social media. ⁠