Important Message from the chair of our 2021 Inaugural Monsoon Madness Mudder

Whew! With 2022 upon us, I have had the time to reflect on IPS’s incredible Monsoon Madness Mudder of 2021!

woman in mudThe “Inaugural” MMM has created a template for a family centred, community based obstacle race, from which a future fundraising event can be replicated.

Following our committee debrief, we agreed that the successes of our event far outweighed the weaknesses and those who participated had a marvellously muddy and magical time – from participation in the obstacle course to the food and beverage tent, the creative costumes and awards, the camaraderie, not to mention – the fundraising. Raising over $100,000 is no small feat – and, with our group effort, WE did it!

We worked hard and learned a lot in the process and while we raised more than any other event in the history of the school, it fell upon the shoulders of a few. So how can we improve this event for 2022?

1. Create the 2022 Planning Committee now – With a longer time horizon to plan we can improve on our successes.

2. Improve communication of objectives and expectations – This is particularly relevant for our newer families not familiar with IPS’s history and necessity of annual fundraising. Furthermore, Covid has inhibited the usual bonding, friendships and mentorships of families – newer families haven’t experienced the schoolyard chats, coffee connections and the social events generally organized at the school, which has made it difficult for families to share IPS’s history, traditions and culture.

3. Increased volunteerism – related to both 1 & 2 above, and safe to say, with a longer planning horizon and with increased communication on need for participation/volunteerism, this will be improved.

Now, imagine – with increased volunteerism, a dedicated team and greater time frame to plan and communicate – what is possible for an even more successful event for 2022?

As most of you know, I am an alumni mom, but I am still drawn to support all that IPS stands for. My sons graduated from IPS in 2017 and 2019, and my husband and I would share with you that IPS was a family experience; one which added to the lives of our entire family, even extended family and grandparents who were fortunate to visit and experience the role IPS played in our son’s lives. My husband was on the Board for four years and I was a founding member of IPS’s Development Committee. I can say that the more we gave, the more we got as individuals, and as a family, and we are forever grateful to IPS for enriching our lives through our sons’ education, experiences, adventures, and the development of life-long friendships for all four of us. I wish the same for your families!

Please consider how you can contribute and know that in doing so, you add to the richness and prosperity of not only your child’s experiences, but yours and future generations to come. Also, consider how family and parent to parent mentorship can improve newer families’ understanding of all the intricate details of IPS; the events, the experiences and the expectations, in order to support understanding, volunteerism and overall participation by parents, which has been a corner-stone value since inception.

boy covered in mudAgain, thank you for supporting our Inaugural Monsoon Madness Mudder and I look forward to attending next year, under the capable leadership of our current IPS families! I can speak on behalf of alumni parents and students – we will be there to have fun, participate and help fundraise!

With gratitude,

Deidre Smith

Alumni mom, and Chair of the 2021 Inaugural Monsoon Madness Mudder

Phone: ‭(604) 603-3047