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Feel Good Friday: Ben Shapland

Meet our new Education Assistant, Ben Shapland. Ben is a local Bowen Islander, he has spent many years working at the local yacht club teaching sailing, where he became a head coach and got to have way too much fun! He is currently a university student working towards his teaching certificate. He is a lifelong learner, has a computer science degree and is a trained paramedic. When not studying for class, he’s getting outside and goofing around with friends!

We asked him some life questions the other day — the following are his responses:

1. tell us about something you’re passionate about right now?

Currently I’m passionate about meditation and changing my view on what success is.

2. what’s the most challenging/enjoyable/difficult part of your work?

Telling kids to not do something — enforcing rules is the most challenging part.

3. what is one good thing that has come out of COVID for you?

Now each night I take time to practice gratitude, writing down 5 things that was awesome about my day.

4. what’s your teaching philosophy?

If a student does not understand something it is up to the teacher to understand why and come up with a new/better way of explaining it. This is the fun part of my work.

5. do you have a favourite pet story?

I had a dog named Lucky and before he was my family’s dog he was our buds pet. Whenever he would run away from home and get into mischief he would come to our house. One time he came by looking very excited and nervous. He had somehow gotten into the local zoo, and had rolled in all sorts of exotic animal droppings!

6. “Things Teachers Say” – a spinoff of our current campaign “Things Kids Say” – give us one word!

“Powned it, dolphin!”

7. how do you feel about joining Island Pacific School this September?

I’m pumped! IPS is full of nice people and fun activities!

8. tell us about the value of school excursions

I think getting outside especially in adverse conditions (long hikes and camping) is an awesome way to practice mental calmness. Also it’s way more fun than being inside.

9. what’s your experience at report card time?

Its pretty sweet getting to look back on the year and come up with stories about how each kid is awesome in their own unique way.