ZOOM Through Time Virtual Open House

JUNE 2: 7-8 PM

We will send you the Zoom link on June 2nd

Zoom link to the livestream event here

Enjoy a menagerie of online exhibits from the arts and individual & societies. Grade 6’s are creating their own countries, grade 7’s are exploring an ancient civilization of their choice. Grade 8’s are finding their twin in a painted portrait and telling the story of the subject as a talking painting! Our virtual open house event includes some Q&A with the students about their masterpieces, and how much they love their school! Meet our teachers and learn more about the fantastic middle school program at Island Pacific School.

Grade 6 students are creating their own country. They will be discussing the climate, geography, population, vegetation, government, natural resources, culture and heritage of their made up country. Students will also be designing a map and flag of their country and presenting their work in an oral style presentation with visuals.

Flipgrid link to Grade 6 presentation: Creating our Own Country 

Password: Walkthroughtime


Grade 7 students have picked an ancient civilization. They will be exploring important interactions between societies. Listen to stories of famous trade routes, and tales of battles as students present interactions of their ancient civilizations through a variety of mediums.

Flipgrid link to Grade 7 presentation: Interactions In Ancient Society

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Grade 8 students are asking these questions: “Have you ever wanted to know more about a painting? When you view a beautiful portrait don’t you often wonder who this person was and what was their story?” Well, Now You Can! The grade 8’s will be becoming the subject of a painting in the annual IPS Twin Project!  Join us and hear the amazing stories told by the paintings themselves!

Flipgrid link to Grade 8 presentation: Twin Project Speeches

Password: Walkthroughtime