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Feel Good Friday: Sophie Hocking

Sophie is excited to be joining the Bowen Island and IPS communities this summer after relocating from Kamloops, BC, to teach Language and Literature English (grades 6-9) and Individuals and Societies (grade 6). 

She’ll be joining her husband, Cohen, who works as a lawyer in Vancouver along with her dog, cat and five chickens.

Sophie has a Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Education in Secondary STEM from Thompson Rivers University. She’s been teaching French Immersion in School District 73 since 2019 and before becoming a teacher, she managed a variety of youth programs at organizations such as the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club.

When Sophie is not at school, you can usually find her in her garden, at the gym, or exploring local parks. Most recently, paddling the Yukon River with Cohen on their honeymoon. Sophie enjoys traveling globally as well and has been fortunate enough to travel to Africa, Russia and the Baltic states, Central Europe and Scandinavia, New Zealand and the Americas.

Tell us about something you’re passionate about right now

Right now I am passionate about getting my garden going for the year! I really value sustainability and local food production so it’s always exciting to start to see the fruits of your garden. My chickens are also loving the smorgasbord of veggies on demand!

What’s the most challenging/enjoyable/difficult part of your work?

The most enjoyable part of my job is connecting with the kids. Really getting to know them and watching them grow over the year is truly a privilege. The most challenging part of teaching is never having enough time to do everything you would like. There are so many awesome units and lessons I’d love to do but have to pick and choose because we always run short on time.

What is one good thing that has come out of COVID for you?

One good thing that has come out of COVID has been seeing my husband more than usual! He works in Vancouver and would only be able to visit Kamloops every few weeks, but since COVID he has been able to work from home more often in Kamloops.

What’s your teaching philosophy?

Knowing your students well and providing choices to let them choose assignments/work/tasks that interest them. The better you know them the better you can predict what will catch their attention and encourage them to engage deeply with the material.

Do you have a favourite pet story?

With a dog, a cat, and five chickens we have endless favourite pet stories! Our hens are constantly getting into adventures in downtown Kamloops where we live. Once they made it four blocks from our house and I had to football carry two of them through downtown to get back to our house. We got a few looks from passing motorists for sure!

“Things Teachers Say” – what are you always saying to your students?

“Show your work!”

How do you feel about joining Island Pacific School in September?

I can’t wait to join IPS, and the whole Bowen community, in September! I feel very privileged to be joining a team of very dedicated teachers and awesome students.

Tell us about the value of school excursions

Kids never forget experiences like excursions. The contextual, hands-on learning is so powerful. Students also learn about themselves and foster relationships with their teachers and peers on a deep level.

What’s your experience at report card time

Report cards are time-consuming because they are an opportunity for me to brag at length about my students! It can be challenging to sum up everything we know about our students into one document.

We are very pleased to welcome Sophie to our Island Pacific School community!