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Feel Good Friday: Julie Langlois

Meet new Island Pacific School teacher Julie Langlois who will join our team of Superheroes this September!

Originally from Ontario, Julie started her education career overseas in Australia.

She has been drawn to the water and the outdoors from an early age and is always eager to find ways to instil this love of nature in her students. Leading each day with boundless energy, she spends it doing a variety of physical activities like hiking, canoeing and rock climbing. Julie rejoices in new interactions, constantly learning from different cultures and strangers. During her down time, you may find her getting lost in literature.

We asked her a few questions to get to know her a bit better —

Tell us about something you’re passionate about right now.

Right now I am passionate about my little garden. Growing food directly from the soil in my backyard is such an incredible feeling. I can also say it tastes so much better! I shall be leaving it shortly to travel across Canada towards Bowen Island but I am sure I will be starting another soon.

What’s the most challenging/enjoyable/difficult part of your work?

The most enjoyable part of work is seeing the student grow and use their creativity daily. Each student has a unique skill and it’s impressive observing those skills in action.

What is one good thing that has come out of COVID for you?

Meeting people from all over the world! Thanks to technology, people who used to be strangers are now friends and this makes me so happy. Guest speakers have been able to come into our classroom from all over the world and show us what it’s like living in their countries.

What’s your teaching philosophy?

I am strongly committed to student individuality. Mother nature is our teacher and she shows us that no two zebras are the same nor two snowflakes. This is also true for students, therefore I believe my role as a teacher is to nurture and encourage a lifetime curiosity that stems from their own unique process.

Do you have a favourite pet story?

I used to have a pet dog named Migo (short for Amigo) and he was a lifeguard dog! He would swim around people and if you got tired he would let you grab onto his tail until he brought you safely to shore. Such an amazing dog!

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“Get your goofy going”

How do you feel about joining Island Pacific School in September?

Incredibly thrilled, eager and curious! I can’t wait to meet the IPS family and Bowen Island community and to start making new memories.

Tell us about the value of school excursions

Excursions help us navigate our world and embrace all of its beauty. Excursions provide another dimension to school-based learning and allow us to share stories and memories together.

What’s your experience at report card time?

I have to share a little secret. I like report cards! They give me a chance to share how amazing my students are with their families. Yes, of course they take some time to complete, but all good things take time.

Thanks to Julie for a glimpse of what we have to look forward to when she joins us this September!