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Feel Good Friday: Easton Rough

Easton wears many hats at Island Pacific School, including teaching PE, Individuals & Societies Gr 7, Design Gr 8 & 9 and Senior Seminar. He joined IPS in 2019 and originally from Toronto, he grew up in the city avidly involved in volleyball, football, hockey and basketball.

His passion for the outdoors led him to complete a teaching program based on outdoor adventure leadership. In recent years he has taught whitewater rafting, kayaking and hiking.

Here’s what he’s doing with his students these days:

“I am passionate about canoe building. I have prior experience fixing and creating boats and didn’t realize how much I missed it until starting this canoe project. Now I constantly think about what the next steps are in the boat creation and how to set up the process to have as much safe student involvement as possible. I regularly dream about the different stages of the plan, including the ultimate idea of paddling this boat around the island.

The most enjoyable part of my work is the personalities of the students. They never fail to make me laugh and keep me entertained whilst learning.

Things kids say; moist… hypermoistia!

I love the excursions, it allows time for so much in-depth learning and growing for students. Sometimes it’s important for them to step back and learn the things that don’t come from a textbook. They develop an ability to try new things, form friendships and it keeps them engaged in the learning process. You can’t let school interfere with your education!”