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Feel Good Friday: Amanda Szabo

Amanda Szabo is our Learning Strategies Program lead. She loves reading, music, theatre and ragdoll cats. We asked Amanda to share some insights recently and here’s what she said:

Tell us about something you’re passionate about right now

I love cooking and collecting cookbooks. I have almost 60 cookbooks and have a hard time walking past a nice new cookbook without browsing/buying – I remain a steadfast devotee of Jamie Oliver!

What’s the most challenging/enjoyable/difficult part of your work?
Working one to one with students is very different than teaching a whole class. I love that I have time everyday to have individual conversations with students. I am constantly impressed with their sense of humour and insights!

What is one good thing that has come out of COVID for you?
Being slightly more introverted, I like the fact that there is no pressure to socialize. I love having no plans on the weekend and having time with family – although I do miss seeing my extended family very much. I also like that it has pushed people outside more – I stay connected to friends by going for a walk or run.

What’s your teaching philosophy?
Develop strong relationships, listen as much as I can and try to be respectful.

Do you have a favourite pet story?
I love my two cats because they act like dogs! They follow me around the house and will play catch.

“Things Teachers Say” – a spinoff of our current campaign “Things Kids Say” – give us one word!
“Who wants ice-tea?”

How do you feel about Mondays at Island Pacific School?
My schedule on Mondays is pretty good. I have a balance of meetings and working with students – it’s a nice way to start the week.

Tell us about the value of school excursions
As a teacher, I always find out things about students that I didn’t know before; conversations flow easily and there are a lot of shared stories to reminisce about later. The inside jokes and stories are remembered for years to come and they strengthen the relationships when everyone is back in the classroom.

What’s your experience at report card time?
Report cards are hard. I try to start early, but usually don’t. It’s important that they reflect something meaningful about the student’s learning.