Island Pacific Fundance Film Festival

Friday, April 30, 2021


Be entertained by the brilliant, bizarre and touching films created out of the minds and talents of thirty highly imaginative middle school students.

5 Original Student Short Films!
Red Carpet Premiere!
Q&A With Directors!
Hilarious Bloopers!
By Donation

This year at IPS our Mainstage production is a little different; instead of putting on a play, we’re making a collection of short films and putting on the first annual Island Pacific School Film Festival! The festival will include 5 original shorts, each written and directed by students and staff, plus a bonus animation made by an IPS alumni.

Here’s a brief teaser into each film:

Reflection: A car accident gives a bully’s victim the chance for chilling revenge.

The Great T.P. Race: After the pandemic causes a shortage of toilet paper, desperate customers learn that a store has restocked their shelves with the precious commodity, and a great and treacherous race begins. Who will triumph? Who will survive?

Little Lost Souls: When Melissa’s untimely death is reversed by scatterbrained necromancer Reena, she’s faced with the choice of whether to join her new friends on a dangerous quest or return to the safety of her grave.

Moving Boxes: Can a friendship survive secrets and doubts? In an attempt to keep her impending move a secret, Sarah pushes her closest friend away.

The Wilderness: Nestled within the rainforests of Bowen Island, British Columbia is a frequented habitat of the incomparable Adulescen Scholae, or as it’s better known, the middle schooler. Come discover the secret world of this lively, mischievous, often misunderstood creature.

Hope you can join us!

Jen Zdril