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Feel Good Friday: Adrian van Lidth de Jeude

A shout out to another of our amazing faculty for getting us to Friday with such energy and creativity!

We caught up with Adrian this week to find out his thoughts on work and life. Adrian has been with Island Pacific School for 12 years and teaches Arts to years 1-4 and Individuals and Societies to years 3 and 4.

Tell us about something you’re passionate about right now
I have been passionate about Bonsai for quite some time now, but it is happily developing. On Christmas day 2020 I registered my new business (to start in probably 20 years) called Bowen Island Bonsai. I find working with little trees to be extremely interesting and soothing.

What’s the most challenging/enjoyable/difficult part of your work?
The most challenging part of my work is that there is never enough time to complete what I would like to do, how I would like to do it. I often feel like a person in a circus spinning multiple plates on sticks. Too many plates.

The most enjoyable part of my job is the amazing moments with the kids. Singing sea shanties, or playing outside. Students wowing me with something amazing, or making me belly laugh with a joke. Seeing students triumph over challenges and be proud of what they have accomplished, and feeling comfortable to be silly. I am always impressed by the creativity, hilarity, and energy of our students and am honoured to share those moments.

What is one good thing that has come out of COVID for you?
GOATS! I never expected goats to be so cool! And my dear girlfriend Kristina too, of course, making the move to live permanently on Bowen.

What’s your teaching philosophy?
You must build a relationship. If you don’t get to know a person, it is so much more difficult to teach and learn from each other. While you can obviously learn from someone you don’t know, understanding and caring for them allows a deeper and richer sharing of knowledge and skills.

Do you have a favourite pet story?
Obviously hiking with my goats, Peanut and Pickles is lovely, but, my favourite pet moment recently is Pickles still trying to snuggle up on my lap. At 11 months old, he is a spry 80ish pounds. But still convinced he is a lap goat.

“Things Teachers Say” – a spinoff of our current campaign “Things Kids Say” – give us one word!
“Good News Everyone…..Class time!”

How to you feel about Mondays at Island Pacific School?
Mixed. I usually feel that the weekend is too short. I have projects at home that I don’t have time to complete. But each new week is a new opportunity to play, learn, and work with so many amazing people.

Tell us about the value of school excursions
School is strange. While it helps you learn about the world you live in, it is somewhat separate from that same world. A bubble within the world, of sorts. Excursions break out of that bubble. Students see parts of the world they may not have seen before. They meet new and interesting people and gain new insights into the place in which they live and the people with whom they live. Students also learn a lot about themselves and each other, as they interact in new situations. In short — I think they are invaluable.

What’s your experience at report card time?
Let’s stick with the feel good parts 😉