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2020 Grade 9’s Give Back to IPS

2020 Grade 9 Grads Class Commemorative Gift

A new tradition began last June when the grade 9 graduating class and their families created the first Class Commemorative Gift for Island Pacific School. They were the first class to intentionally leave IPS with a legacy gift that would pay it forward to future generations of students and community members of IPS.

Students coordinated the purchase and installation of an interior honey bee hive (built, installed and maintained by Magali Chemani and Norm Schenck of

The MacLean/Lang (Colin ‘20 grad) and Smith/Baker (Callum ‘19 grad and Jackson ‘17 grad) families generously donated significant funds to cover the initial purchase price and annual maintenance in advance. Grade 9 students then topped up the honeypot to complete the gift!

This year’s graduating grade 9 class will each be donating a beautiful Spanish Lavender plant during their RoP ceremony and will be planting them near our beautiful pollinator garden — the perfect gift for our bees! As the hive continues the honey bee lifecycle in perpetuity by sending half the colony and queen off to build a new hive annually, so too does IPS — this year it’s our kids they are proudly sending off, inspired and equipped to thrive and survive in their next “hive”!