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Service in Action: Students Raise Awareness About The Benefits Of A Plant Based Diet On Climate

Each year, the Grade 8 students take on a community service project, aiming to positively influence a range of communities around them. Some students choose to focus on the community we have right here at IPS, while others look to the Vancouver and Bowen Island communities, or beyond.

This project is meant to expand our horizons on how we can influence the people around us and, this year, our teacher, Adrian gave us an extra challenge. We not only had to focus on helping the community, but we also needed to do something that helped the environment. This lead to an abundance of ideas, from planting trees to Freja H., Kate P. ‘s and my project.

For our project we wanted to raise awareness for vegetarianism to help reduce our contribution to global warming. To do this, we are allowing students the choice to pledge to go vegetarian for one week each month.

We had 13 student participants as well as 5 teachers that all joined us for this one-week challenge. Before we began, we showed a documentary called “Game Changers.” This movie was all about the positive effects of a plant-based diet, supported by some of the world’s top athletes: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Morgan Mitchell, and so many others.

With that, we started our week. And by the end, everyone deserved a victory meal. That is why this Tuesday we brought make-your-own Buddha Bowl supplies and congratulated the participants for being committed and making a small contribution to lowering their meat intake.

These lunches will continue each month until May, continuing to raise awareness. Not only does this project help the environment, but many kids were excited for a challenge and for a way to help. Here are what a few people had to say about it:

Gavin B., Gr. 8
“This week made me feel better about myself because I knew I was helping the planet.”


Phoebe M., Gr. 8
“It was a good initiative and it was a change that I thought I couldn’t do. But, when I did it, it was really fun. I knew I was helping my planet and that made me feel good. I really enjoyed this week.”


Beck M., Gr. 8
“I felt like I was stronger and had more energy. I could do more. It was actually really fun.”


This project is a year-long assignment and there are many other projects going on in our class. They all are intended to help a community and to make an environmental difference.

The community service project is a preparation for Masterworks and it is a nig responsibility for the Grade eight students, yet I believe that this year the class has put together some initiatives that really will make a difference.

Wylie S.

Grade 8 Student