Mainstage 2020: Scooby Doo and the Bowen Bogey

Thursday, March 12th and Friday, March 13th at 6:15pm

Tickets are available from IPS or Phoenix on Bowen ($15 each)

Complimentary Bus Shuttle from Snug Cove at 6pm and return at 8:15 pm


This year’s hilarious IPS Mainstage production will be Scooby Doo and The Bowen Bogey. Prepare to be delighted, entertained, and even a little spooked as Scooby and the gang reveal the truth behind the mystery of the Bowen Island Bogey. Bring the whole family, and tell your friends it’s spooky here!

Annual Mainstage Production

A highlight for students and their audiences every year, the Island Pacific School Mainstage theatre production is a voluntary extracurricular activity that has used both original and adapted material to mount an impressive student show each spring.

At IPS we mine the students’ creativity as much as possible, and tend to create our own scripts, which are sometimes based on popular stories, and sometimes completely original! Even productions based on pre-existing plays have a distinct IPS twist.

All students are invited to audition their talents, and the show frequently features over half the student body in some capacity. Students are involved in acting, singing, musical instrumentation, dance, set/prop construction, and tech production (such as lighting and sound) and stage crew.

A short rehearsal run takes the place of our Monday & Thursday Ultimate program during the winter when the weather starts to favour indoor activities, then rehearsals will become more frequent as the performance days near. In the spring, when the lines are (almost!) memorized, the dress rehearsal is performed for a highly enthusiastic audience of IPS staff and students. The next day, the show will open to an inevitably packed house, then close the following day. A short run, but always successful and worth the effort.

No matter what the play, everyone will be touched by the magic; students and audience alike.