Science Fair & Open House Wed., Feb. 12th

Have you ever wondered if practicing meditation will improve your focus, if sound travels faster through solids or liquids, or if a person can tell the difference between sugar and sugar-free foods? These are some of the questions the Grade 7 and 8 students are asking and hoping to find answers for their science fair projects. This is a busy time of year, but the enthusiasm is infectious and the learning is genuine for the students and their teacher.

Science Fair has become a favorite project for many middle school students (and their teacher!) as it gives them a chance to learn about things that they are interested in. By conducting experiments, they learn that they can find the answers to their own questions and it sparks a sense of wonder and curiosity that transfers to other aspects of their lives. Every year we see the students become excited about their topic.

Science Fair is a challenging project that requires students to complete many steps over a long period of time. It may also be complicated and require some higher level critical thinking and problem solving.

Students vy for the chance to win a spot on the team who go to the GVRD Science Fair at UBC in April.


Join Us! Open House and Science Fair 6:15 – 8:15 pm

Free Bus shuttle from Snug Cove at 6 pm and return shuttle at 8:15 pm