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Learning and Teaching Yoga in Junior Physical Health Education

Over the past three weeks some of my friends and I did yoga for PHE. We have created flows and taught them to the class. We have learned the traditional and western names for the yoga poses. Yoga is an amazing way to calm the mind and body, and gain a better knowledge of how the body works and moves. Yoga gives the mind a chance to calm down and reconnect to your own body, and become a more calm, less stressed version of yourself. It also helps the body be more aware of the mind, and process all the things that might be happening in your life at that moment. And let them go. This creates a balance between the mind and body, and lets the mind be a blank void, free of stress and free of the things happening around you. I myself am feeling like this unit was very needed after the stress of a school day. All in all, I believe that each one of us walked away from this unit feeling more calm and relaxed than we had in a while.

Hannah F.

Grade 7 Student