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Gr 6 & 7 Excursion to Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre

Last Wednesday the Grade 6/7 class went to Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre. We were introduced to our guides who would give us a tour throughout the forest. We were split into two groups to learn all about the forest. My group went across the suspension bridge to a trail of boardwalks with trees surrounding us. We saw a stump and tried to guess how old it was. It turned out to be around 1500 years old. We carried on walking through the forest, observing the different types of soil and fungi. Eventually we stopped for a break. We took a core sample of the dirt which was very interesting because further down in the soil was sand and closer to the top it was wet soil.

After that my group carried on its way. We then stopped to do a small project. We were put into groups and given a bucket and we needed to put soil and plants into the bucket to make it a suitable habitat for a bug. We then needed to catch a couple bugs, my group found a beetle and a spider. 

After the project, we turned around and went back the way we came. We crossed another bridge over to the other side of the river and climbed some stairs to a parking lot. We then found the ecology center to join with the other group. We put the bugs that we found under a powerful microscope to see them up close. After that we all went to some picnic tables to have lunch. After lunch we went back up to the ecology centre to look around and see what was there. There were lots of stuffed birds and animals and models of the forest when it was full of trees, then when the loggers came along, and then when a big city was built on it. 

We then went down another trail to play camouflage for an hour or so. Then we walked back up and went home.

Sam Florin,  Grade 7