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Community Partners

Most Bowen community members are aware that our IPS young people are excellent ambassadors in our community and beyond.

Did you know that the first point of contact with new families to Bowen is often through a realtor or developer? These businesses are now finding out about our programming, our core values, our middle school team and of course our students!

Many businesses and organizations partnered with us last year, including Dee Elliott Personal Real Estate Corporation, Ames Family Foundation, Osborne Cane Serious Injury Lawyers, Bowen Island Properties, Bowenshire Stonework & Landscaping, Twin Island Excavating, the Cape on Bowen and more. Many have toured our school and have engaged in the work we’re doing with our pollinator garden, the honey bee hive and have an appreciation of how financial aid helps us be more diverse.

Building these relationships is mutually beneficial. It creates awareness of the “Why?” of IPS and helps our students and families have a better understanding of what our local businesses do.

We offer those businesses who partner with us exposure in our Giving Stories, media coverage and advertisements in the Undercurrent, on social media and our website and extend special invitations to events.

Ames Family Foundation

Our connection with the Ames Family is through John Olson, IPS parent and board member, and past president of Ames Tile & Stone Ltd. When John took over as President of the company in 2010, he was only the

John Ames

John Ames

second non-family member to hold this position. Ames Tile & Stone Ltd. has won several business awards including Canada’s Best Managed Companies (for the ninth year in a row) and Canada’s Great Places to Work award. IPS is very fortunate to have John’s skills as he starts his first year serving on our Board of Directors.

Before recently stepping down from that position, John worked with the Ames Family to secure this generous donation, available to us in perpetuity. Thanks also to Carol Harrison, Administrator for the Ames Foundation, for facilitating this generous gift.

As a non-profit, independent school, we are committed to a strong Financial Aid Program to ensure that no child is denied entrance to IPS based solely on financial limits. The Ames Family Foundation has helped a student attend IPS and we extend our heartfelt thanks to them!

The Ames Family Foundation generously donated $10,000 our Financial Aid Fund to keep IPS diverse and accessible.

Dee and Frazer Elliott

Dee & Frazer Elliott Dee Elliott and her son Frazer Elliott have generously donated towards our new Community Partners Program initiative.Recognizing that IPS students are excellent
ambassadors in our community and that the values of our school align with the best qualities of the Bowen community, they wanted to support our Community Partners Program, specifically the “Kids in Motion” initiative. This option focuses on, amongst other things, our pollinator garden and natural habitat around our school property. Teacher Pam Matthews is embarking on the pollinator garden project with her students, drawing on knowledge from local experts in addition to her own skills and expertise. Stay tuned for more news from Pam on this exciting enterprise! Thank you Dee and Frazer for supporting this important initiative! Find out more about Dee and Frazer at

Bowenshire Stonework and Landscaping

Andy is always ready to step in and help out our IPS Community. Shown here helping build our pollinator garden, he readily jumps into action when we need something done in the realm of moving dirt and rocks!

Visit Andy’s site at Bowenshire Stonework & Landscaping.






Bowen Iron, Bowen Island Properties, Custom Coastal Homes, Free Wheeling Enterprises and Twin Island Excavating

baketball gameAll of these local businesses have come together at different times to help our students. Most recently they helped install our new basketball hoops in the upper parking area.

Scott McIntosh, Fort Langley Air and the Jarvis Family

Fort Langley Air logo & pilots

Kristin and Geoff Jarvis donated a unique and valuable gift to our Fall Bash fundraiser — a private tour of the southern BC Coast, departing from the Salish Sea, traveling over the Coastal Range (and the glaciers and volcanoes of Garibaldi Provincial Park) to the ultimate destination, Princess Louisa Provincial Marine Park, accessible only by water.

The lucky winners Brent O’Malley and Susan Swift, owners of Bowen Island Sea Kayaking, will get to experience the life of a West Coast seaplane pilot from inside one of Canada’s most iconic bush planes, the DHC-2 Beaver, before dining on a picnic assembled by alumnus and Chopped Canada Jr contestant Hudson Stiver.

This single donation raised $5,000 for our Student Financial Aid fund to keep IPS diverse and accessible. Fort Langley Air’s website

Osborne Cane Serious Injury Lawyers

Jacqueline Cane & David Osborne

Through their law firm Jacqueline Cane and David Osborne generously donated to our Kids in the Digital Age option of the Community Partners program. This contribution will help us purchase an entire set of Chromebooks for the school in the 2019 – 2020 academic year, putting updated equipment directly into the hands of our students.

Osborne Cane website



The Cape on Bowen – Candy Ho

Candy HoSincere thanks to Candy Ho for working with us in developing our Community Partners program: Kids in Motion initiative, providing funds to help us purchase new sporting equipment and support our pollinator garden and natural habitats projects.

The Cape on Bowen believes in long-term community building that facilitates residents to grow in place and age in place. Children are the creators of our future, and they are our hope.

We are so immensely proud and blessed to have the opportunity to support Island Paci c School for the amazing work that they do with all their heart and dedication. This school ensures that kids not only receive the best possible academic education, but most importantly, they experience a program that nurtures and guides them in their development of character – their compassion, and sense of citizenship and responsibility for the world immediately around them, and the world at large.

During my visit with the school, I had the honour of meeting their leadership, who are passionate and committed to the school’s vision and philosophy through not just their words, but their actions. We know that the school will continue to cultivate children who thrive in their formative years, and go on to give the best of who they are for the rest of their lives.

We want to do our part to not only support the school financially, but also through other meaningful endeavours, whether that is helping them to give access to more Bowen children, or by integrating The Cape into their outdoor and natural habitat initiatives.

For more information about the Cape on Bowen, visit their website here.