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Bridge to the Future

Among the many great things about Island Pacific School, one constant thread in its near quarter-century history is the incredible generosity of stakeholders — parents, staff, alumni, board and great community members — to support the school’s mission.

Now in its third formal year, our Development Program Bridge to the Future continues to support diversity and inclusion with its excellent financial aid program. It also brings a margin of “excellence” to our students, that would otherwise not be possible as a small independent and not-for-profit school. In addition to tens of thousands of dollars of financial aid over the years, there are numerous examples of funding capital projects including our outdoor classroom, “Rick’s Place”, the renovation of the second floor into the “Think Tank” and more recently the funding of new classroom desks, study carrels and storage on the third floor, new classroom projectors and a set of basketball hoops on the upper parking lot.  

As the years pass, it is increasingly hard to imagine life without these material things or the many students that were able to gain access to the “IPS way”. Our Development team remains committed to working hard on a daily basis to ensure that the next 25 years are equally successful. On behalf of all stakeholders and future IPS students and families we have yet to welcome, I thank you for your support and invite you to deepen your relationship with us. Reach out. Connect. Join us as we continue to build our Bridge to the Future.

Scott Herrington
Head of School