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A Parent’s Perspective

Volunteering at IPS has given me a window into my sons’ lives that I otherwise would not have been privileged to experience.

Simply learning the names of all of the students was once a challenge, but through consistent volunteering—in and out of the classroom—I was able to learn names, personalities, challenges and passions of all of the students. With this knowledge I have been better able to navigate the ever-changing middle school years with my three boys.

Because of this personal connection to the school, meeting and chatting with parents and staff, contributing to academics and experiences—AND watching, working with, and listening to the students—I feel like a more confident parent to my kids and a co-educator with our amazing teaching and support staff.

As a parent of a Grade 9 student (the last of my 3 guys!!), I can only recommend that future parents get involved in personalized and meaningful ways. It’s helpful, entertaining, thought-provoking and GREATLY appreciated—but most of all IT IS FUN!!!!

Let’s face it… we’d all go to IPS as STUDENTS if we could. Volunteering is the closest us “older students” can get to enrolling!

Rebecca Salmon
Gr 9 parent, alumni parent & uber volunteer parent!